Magha Power IS Emotional Connection

This Full Moon in Magha falls in fertile ground for emotional connection and expressive flair. Are you feeling the feels? Are you ready to express yourself? This Full Moon period gives you the added oomph to get your goals accomplished. A bonus of this is that it’s a gift of self-awareness and ability!

Take full advantage of this energy as you weave the creative web of your dreams!

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The main focus of this Magha constellation is ACHIEVEMENT!

What does achievement look like to YOU? When you think about achieving your dreams, what does that feel like? This is all about the feeling aspect. Focusing on the feeling of having achieved your dreams gets you to move ahead. It also lets you express yourself in a way that will make that feeling a reality.

Your subconscious is a powerful force! In fact, it is more powerful than the everyday conscious awareness. Why? The subconscious field is vast and largely unexplored. It is, however, expressed in your habits. Look at your habits to figure out what you are tapping into from your subconscious field.

Ask yourself if you are happy right now. If your answer is no then take measures to become conscious of your inner motivations. Once you become aware of your hidden motives, you can choose to change them. HINT: If you focus on your visceral feelings, it will get you there faster. 😉

The time is here to reap the rewards as this Full Moon in Magha is all about feeling accomplished. It’s your time to shine! Don’t waste this energy in doing the same old thing that has kept you exactly where you are…unless you like where you are and don’t want to move higher!

Find out what inspires you by noticing that peaceful feeling that lets you experience yourself. That is your TRUE Self. Inspiration comes in a flash such as a lightning bolt. It is unexpected AND potent! It is powerful because you are truly POWERFUL.

You are a powerful creator. What have you been creating? Is that the best creation that you can come up with or can you do better? What would it feel like if your wildest dreams came true? Are you sure those dreams will make you happy? Or, is happiness already here and now – just as you are acknowledging that all is well? No one other than you can answer these questions. As such, I invite you to contemplate these and journal. Use them as journal prompts. Let them open up your perception of the possibilities that are yet to be explored.

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Let yourself soar like an eagle. Fly higher and get a wider range of perspective. Then ground yourself by putting things strategically in your material field. What action steps can you take starting right now to achieve these new frontiers? Make yourself a roadmap by clearly indicating the steps that you will be taking to achieve your desires. Don’t worry, the roadmap can be amended and you can definitely take detours (if you choose).

There is no right or wrong way of doing this. Trust yourself and trust the creative process. The creative process is intelligent and it will absolutely move you accordingly. That inner spark of inspiration is what creates your reality. That inner spark is all intelligent. That is the essence of Jupiter.

Notice how Jupiter and Neptune are joining forces. This indicates that the fertile ground for dream manifestation is potent. And the closer they get to each other, the more palpable this is felt. This is an ongoing theme for this year. We are building our new creative expressions. We are weaving our new dream realities. Now ask yourself if you are willing to be a conscious creator or if you will be swept up by your unexplored motives. It takes a certain level of awareness to consciously create in this playground. Otherwise, the collective hysteria takes hold and your bad habits become part of a shared nightmare.

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Venus + Mars = OOMPH!

Romantic and fruitful are the conscious actions now. With Venus and Mars joining forces, there is much momentum that you can access as you charge ahead! Emotions. Emotions? Emotions! Let the feels move you and do actually move ahead. Don’t sit and wait. The time for waiting is done for now and you have the potential to tap in to energy that was not previously available. You have the ability to see things that were not easily visible before because Mars rules our sight. And trust me when I tell you that Mars is very happy right now to be embracing Venus. Use this time wisely. Charge ahead and let your feelings be your guide on how to move forward. TAKE THE LEAD! BE EMPOWERED!

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 at 8:56 AM PST (11:56 AM EST)

Here is a great personalized calendar recommendation! “Looking Forward To It” Yearly Calendar completely personalized & color-coded for you with important key words! Never miss a great opportunity for love or fortune again!

I would like to also offer you a wonderful essential oil to use during this lunar cycle. The blend for this energy is called Valor, which you can get from Young Living. Let me know when you get it and use it! I call it Liquid Courage! I personally use it every time I speak to groups…and it helps me get through it every time. 😉

To see in which specific area this transit is effecting your chart, you have to study your D1 and D9. I recommend the Cosmic Insights app. (I am an affiliate, which means I receive a small commission on any membership that funnels through my link. However, if you just want to look at your chart no membership is required.)

If you’d like guidance during this moon cycle or in general, you can schedule a session with me here. I always look forward to connecting with you!

Suzan Smadi

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