Purusha: the ONLY Astrologer.

Astrology is a BODY – the body of Purusha through the lens of your individual spark of consciousness.

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People may think that learning AND practicing astrology is easy and simple. The truth of the matter is that it’s the most sophisticated endeavor one could ever undertake. When one commits their life to this path – because IT IS a path, you will need to truly merge with the Stars, Grahas (planets) and the Divine Architect Purusha (God/Supreme Creative Force/the One without a second) in order to read charts and see, hear, and know the intricacies of how everything is working together.

Engraving: Astrological Table (print) by Unknown maker is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

There are many techniques that can be learned and applied in the practice of astrology. However, if one is not taking this path as a lifestyle, one will fail to see, hear, feel and know the magic that is working behind the scenes. You will know when you’ve hit that point because once merged with the Divine that breathes through you; there will no longer be any doubt. Doubt is only of the ego consciousness – individual self. Knowledge is of the Divine. Purusha. The Body.

The physical body is intricate. Do you actually know the body if you’re only looking at one piece, organ, of it? Can you really know how the body works if you’re not understanding how ALL of the organs are working together – communicating with each other – making the music that they make? The orchestra can’t possibly be the magical symphony that it becomes without the Orchestra Director who’s directing everyone’s individual parts. Purusha is that Divine Director – the Orchestra Director. The ONE with many names and limitless functions.

When the astrologer merges successfully with Purusha, meaning when he is one with the charts, he will see, hear, feel and know all that needs to be communicated for healing to take place. The astrologer in this instance has become the voice box for Purusha. Purusha will speak through that astrologer in order to help the individualized consciousness that has come for a reading. That doesn’t happen without effort on that astrologer’s part. The astrologer essentially has to live through the Art and Science of Astrology. That astrologer will essentially be dreaming and in the dream state, will be submerged in the other’s world in order to know what needs to be communicated in that moment.

This is when Time and Space become OnePurusha reveals. There is only Purusha and Purusha is speaking. Purusha is listening. Purusha is feeling. Purusha is aware and Knows. Purusha is explaining what IT knows. Since Purusha is formless, it needs to use a form in order to reveal what needs revelation. Purusha then takes on the form of the astrologer that has successfully merged with IT in order to do the revealing of information.

If this is true, then no individual astrologer may take credit for any of it. The Divining and Revelation can only happen under Purusha’s direction. Purusha reveals how each organ is working with another organ; in essence, how they are communicating and making their music.

Purusha reveals how the molecules within the blood are arranging themselves in order to work alongside the Neurons. The Neurons are like the air that carries the information. The blood is the water that flows within the body in order to cleanse it and feed it – and unite everything. Remember that it’s the blood that carries Prana (life force) throughout the body. The blood is responsible for taking oxygen to the cells and getting rid of toxins that are embedded in those cells. The fire is that which purifies and creates as the individualized spark of Purusha. The earth is the form of the body and each cell within the organs. None of the elements are working in vacuums. They must work together through the direction of Purusha. Can you see why no astrologer can take credit for any of it? There is only Purusha. There is only the ONE without a second.

The words above were channeled – I woke up this morning and had to take notes to post this today. That’s how it usually happens – as a messenger.

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Suzan Smadi

PS Happy & Healthy 2023! May you seek to know yourself during this year. 😉

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