Co-Creating the New Earth: Channeled Message

The following channeled message was received after deep “traditional” meditation in which the consciousness expanded into multiple possible timelines. These timelines may be viewed as parallel experiences since time becomes irrelevant in the astral realm. This astral realm can be reached when one is in deep meditation or contemplation. Downloads are also received for the … Continue reading Co-Creating the New Earth: Channeled Message

Wisdom & Intuition: Fusion Creates Discernment

There is a true war going on at this time. This is World War 3; the war that will end all wars. In actuality, the war that is currently happening is happening on all levels. This is happening within us above all other levels. If we choose not to wake up to our Truth, we may cease to exist. The choice is truly ours. We hold the Power within us. We hold the keys to the kingdom of Heaven within us. If we awaken to this simple and powerful fact, we will end this war and rise as we create the future.