Anchoring the Creative Spark: Trust that JOY is the Key!

Integration. Trust. JOY! These are the key terms for the month of September.

This month will have a slower and less intense feel than that of August.  The only intensity coming up now is that of integration. We are being guided to integrate what we learned from July 26th to August 25th.  That month’s time period was the stretching out of our own will power and trust within ourselves. We have done A LOT of work up until today. Now the only thing left to do is to trust that JOY is our KEY.

You may ask: Key to what? The key to our continued expansion is to have complete trust in our Creative Spark. Expressing that creative spark will bring much success now if we do it from a place of maturity.  Avoid creating from the limited belief of victim consciousness. Instead, take full responsibility by being able to respond from an empowered place.  Use your Creative Spark to respond!

When faced with uncertainty from within yourself (or from an outside expression) ask the following questions before you react (and respond by spreading the energy of blame). Do ask: What are the reasons? What are the reasons that I have created this part in my reality? What is the lesson here? Avoid responding from a place of excuses and blame. Avoid excuses. Avoid blame. Remain centered in your Creative Spark. Remain centered in your connection to your heart. Remain being Heart-Centered in your response-ability. Anchor the transformation that was ignited by the Soul-ar eclipse on August 21st.

Most of us have come through a huge transformational portal.  This feels quite liberating! There is revolution and liberation in action.  We have let go of that which no longer served us. We noticed that there was a situation (whether business or love related) that had no more potential in our personal evolution.  We came to realize that the situation that we had co-created had done its job, and therefore, we had completed the reason for co-creating it as a learning leap.  Throughout this summer, we have come out of a quantum healing leap that we co-created for our Soul-ution (Soul Evolution). For most of us that translates in letting go of limiting beliefs about ourselves as well as about our surroundings. This, of course, took a tremendous amount of TRUST.

We felt that there was something big holding us back. What was holding you back? What did you let go of? We came to an awareness that there was no outside force limiting us, but rather, we were limiting ourselves.  We were called to take a major quantum leap of TRUST to let go of that situation and to move forward with our heart’s true desire.  We took a major leap in TRUSTING our own intuition and Heart Essence by becoming increasingly aware that JOY was the answer.  If the situation was not joyful, then why put ourselves through our own limitation of misery? We were called to stop compromising our own sense of JOY-ful expression. We were asked to take a leap into following our heart’s call; our Soul.  We took the leap and jumped to parts unknown.

“When the heart is activated and the walls vanish, (we) align with infinity…infinite potential.” 

There is more expansion available to us as a collective, and on a more personal individual basis.  Remain centered in your own knowing-ness.  Use your own Soul wisdom to discern from that which does not align with you.  Always ask yourself how you feel. Does this resonate? Does this light me up? Or, does this feel constrained and dark? That is how our heart/SOUL speaks to us.  That is how we can communicate clearly with our own energy essence.  “Be ALERT” to the subtle clues from within as that will guide you forward.  Move in the direction of your own energy.  Are you inspired? Once you are inspired to do something, move in that direction.  Take INSPIRED ACTION.  “Inspiration is the propeller.” When we are inspired, we are aligned to SOUL Wisdom.  We are in-spirit.  “Success is presented now for our work well done.” Rewards, such as our own success, are always available if we take Inspired Action!

This month brings a lot of forward inspired movement.  This is a GIFT of coming full circle.  Once we are aligned with completion and are overflowing with the mastery of ourselves, then we can empower others who are now being called to align with their own Divine Spark; we are able to help others align with their own SOUL.  We are always both the seeker and the master.  “Any deviation from being whole is an illusion.” Becoming increasingly aware that that which we seek is already within us is the key to enlightenment. Integrating that we are already wholly perfect in a SOUL level is the main message for this month’s energy.


🌟Suzan Smadi xo

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