Channeled Message: Galactic Consciousness

Channeled Message 2/18/17: Galactic Consciousness

We, the Confederation of Galactic Consciousness, want to bring forth a message of unison. We are quite aware of the dissonance happening in the collective. We want to say, please find common ground; find the place of compromise; no one is entirely correct; no one is entirely incorrect; everyone has to know how to come together and this is why these challenging times are presented; for the Souls’ evolution to Oneness, to wholeness. We want to say to you today that everything will be turning out for the best, in perfect and divine order and time.

At this moment, things are just rising to the surface so that they may be cleansed so that you may transcend them, so that you may transmute those energies that no longer serve the collective. They no longer serve you as individuals and they certainly don’t serve the collective. We want you to know and really feel the unison that is within you, that is all around you, that encompasses you, and that unifies you to Source.

This message is available to everyone. We would like for everyone to enlighten at this time. We know that everyone is going through their own process and that everyone has a different journey. But, we also do know that all your journeys, although separate, are very much part of the united collectiveness. Thus, it is working for the collective so that the whole planet may shift frequency. We have been going through an up level of consciousness. Not only have you been going through it, but we also have been going through it. The whole galactic community, all of us are going through this together. You are not separate from us. We are not separate from you. We are all part of Source.

That is the message that we must bring to you today so that you can start understanding your part of our ascension into a higher more evolved frequency. We want to thank you for the work that you have done individually and as a collective. We truly, truly, appreciate that. We truly, truly, are with you today and everyday. Whenever you feel the love frequency, we are there. Whenever you feel the connective aspect, we are there. The collective aspects are us. We are in this together. We are expanding beyond belief at this moment. In this present moment, we are evolving to a higher more expanded and whole aspect of Source. We are so very happy and excited about the prosperity that is heading towards us because of our advancement, because of our collective unity.

Please remember to keep this in mind when challenging times arise in your individual co-created realities. Please remember that everything happens in cycles and that we must transcend whatever has been holding us back. Whatever has been holding you back is there to teach you that that is not actually for your best interest to stay in the comfort zone. You have to find it within you to transcend that familiarity that it is to be in the zone of comfort and go beyond that zone. Go to the unknown. Take that risk with full faith that will turn out for your highest and best growth transformation. It is all part of the journey.

There are no timelines. We have transcended those limiting beliefs of timelines at this moment. Everything is happening in the now. All past lives, as you call them, all future lives, as you call them, are part of this now. They are all happening concurrently. You may call them parallel lives if that is what you wish to call them. You all have direct access to all of your multiple lives because you have been transformed into your true selves of multidimensional beings.

We are so very proud of your progress in this process. And we want to thank you, truly, truly, thank you and tell you how much we love you and we are transmitting all of our love and light into your individual fields as a collective in unison.

Thank you.

Galactic Consciousness

Channeled through and transcribed by Suzan Smadi


A note from Suzan:

I felt that this message needed to be seen by others. I am sorry for not publishing it sooner, but know that the time is always right. I know that it is never too late to follow the guidance that is delivered through this message or through any other uplifting message out there. It is never too late to follow your OWN guidance!

Although the message came through on February 18, 2017, I feel that it is very much relevant still and was guided to publish it so that others may enjoy from the beautiful and uplifting message that came from our collective galactic consciousness.

Also, I did not change anything in the message. The message in its entirety came through while in a state of light trance. The perfectionist aspect of me wanted to change a few things, but also felt that it must be published the way it came through. The message acts as a catalyst to shift our focus and perspective…that is what it did for me this morning when I was guided/inspired to listen to it and transcribe it to share. 

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