Authenticity: Duality Illusion vs. Integrated Integrity

Today’s energies have been intense in the way that you might have been feeling really good or the exact opposite, sensing heaviness and confusing density. Wondering about the meaning of this, I decided to pull some cards using the Osho Zen Tarot to see what guidance could be achieved from this perceived dichotomy.

Before pulling the cards, what came through while in meditation was that the more sensitive/empathic we are, the more dichotomy will be felt because we are picking up on other people’s vibrations and not getting grounded in our own. The guidance streaming in while writing this is: Ground!!! Release any emotion that is being flushed through you as it is not your own. It is completely fine to be sensitive and to feel deeply as long as you don’t attach to any of it. Detachment from the flowing dichotomous emotions is what can help move through this density (if density is what is making you get stuck).

As anxiety builds within the body, the best option to do is to ground in order to use the fire energy that is causing the anxiety to move through and make it work for you. Become productive instead of dwelling on the feeling that the anxiety is triggering within you because if you don’t use this for your benefit, going down the rabbit hole that the anxiety will take you down into will be the outcome.

The good news is that if you were feeling the murkiness that today brought and decide to use it constructively, that awkward and uneasy feeling will not last long. The longest it will last (without grounding) is up to two days. There is just a lot of mental energy being triggered at the moment.  However, if you ground, the uneasy feeling will pass through as if nothing happened because you will not be attaching to dwelling on the identification of the feeling.

Now without further ado, we will dive into the motivational guidance of the cards.

I was guided to pull 8 cards from the Osho Zen Tarot deck and two from the Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards and one from the Power of Love Activation Cards (both decks from James Van Praagh).

I found it interesting that there were only two cards that were upright and the other six were upside down from the Osho deck. The numbers of the cards were also very informative (as you will see from the picture).

The transformational energy that has been working with us for some time now attached to the clinging to the past has a lot to do with the (perhaps) confusion that we might be facing. If we keep clinging to the past, to the way things were, to the dreams we once had, we will be driving ourselves crazy because we will be constantly comparing everything to the illusion that the past had created. We have to COMPLETELY let go of the past by being ever present in the now moment. We may face grief as an emotional response to the constant mind chatter when we are focusing on the past or the future. Instead of turning the wheels in our mind, we may have a better time by keeping busy in our grounding practice.

Grounding can take many forms such as dancing, singing, cleaning, cooking, walking in nature, earthing (walking on dirt barefoot), writing, or even visualizing through a guided meditation. It doesn’t matter how you ground as long as it works for you.

Breaking the chains that our minds have created for us and sharing our own unique light is what we can do to alleviate and transcend the state of confusion and grief we may be experiencing. Being stuck in the cloudiness of the illusions never compares to the pure potentiality that we can grab onto and experience with awestruck wonder.

Sharing your creative expression helps make the grounding that you do even more constructive and luminous for others as well as yourself. We truly create a win-win situation when we share our gifts with others. As we bring our light (in whatever form that takes) forward to share, we are acting as the crystalline structures that are already within us. We are then amplifying the light that is reflected from us and create a trifecta effect once we choose to freely share our uniqueness with others.

We just have to remember that our actions always have an affect on others and not just ourselves. We are all part of the whole collective; we are all different aspects of the same unit. In my understanding of Oneness, we are all one unit as different cells are part of our own body or different specks of light make up galaxies. The star lights that make up galaxies are also within us, which take form as our atoms.

Integrity means a lot more than just being honest, it means leading by example. If I don’t do as I say then I would not be living in integrity. In order to be authentic and live authentically, I too have to integrate what comes in as feelings of grief and shame because these feelings are also real. The problem that many spiritual people face is that we may not want to face the shadows that are also part of us. When we avoid facing our shadows we avoid becoming integrated as a whole individual and further our struggle because we keep being in a state of distortion. Integrity means to become whole once again by integrating all parts that we may want to avoid. This is the real transformation that we are undergoing as a collective. The remembrance that we are in fact perfect even in our imperfections is what the world needs now to feel cohesiveness and united. Duality is the illusion of dichotomy and incongruent to being whole. Loving our Whole self (even our shadow self) as One is what we all need to practice in order to authentically live in integrity.


Suzan Smadi xo

2 thoughts on “Authenticity: Duality Illusion vs. Integrated Integrity

  1. Whoa. I’ve had crazy anxiety this past week. Anxiety like I haven’t felt in years. A lot came from something Shama related. Now I know how I’m suppose to react from a spiritual standpoint. But this was human.

    So I am very very close with Blanca and Susan Chamberlain. Shama was never even remotely close to either despite having work spiritual work from Susan and being in the expo. Blanca actually told me she wasn’t for me and she was insecure and childish, etc. Shama said she didn’t feel connected to Blanca.

    All of a sudden, I see the three of them are doing an event together. It crushed me. Like I said, still human and it did not feel good. I wrote a letter to Blanca and she acted like shes been tight with Shama forever. Was like the opposite of how things really were. She even said she was hesitant to ask me if I was doing the expo. She had absolutely no reason to be hesitant, I have been a big part of the expo and always do it. Now she was afraid to ask me.

    So I wrote her back and stated all I said how she wasn’t close with Shama. I also asked why she would be hesitant out of nowhere. She wrote back and I was about to read it then decided I wasn’t interested and deleted it.

    It’s funny how Shama did a fb live talking about how much it sucks that she brought me into her world and now I am a part, despite the fact I am no where near her world. Monica was met outside of Shama and I am not really connected to any others nor do I go to events I’d love to attend because they are her thing. So its funny she just immersed herself into a part of my world she never felt aligned with. Oh well, I think this is my final push off the island especially now that I’m done with the expo.

    Thanks for listening. Just needed to get that off my chest. >


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