Solstice Week Energies Supporting Complete Transformation: Harnessing Balance

Go into this week as the fool who is fully trusting that all is well, and all shall be well. So it is as you create.

As the Great Ocean’s ebb and flows of its tides, your emotional states will go through this repeated pattern throughout the days for you to notice and learn how to master this aspect of Self. Become aware that your emotions are attached to your thoughts. You are not the summation of your thoughts and emotions. Once you become aware of this fact, then transformation can complete. If you master this process, you will graduate to the next level within your individual evolutionary process and therefore help the collective achieve a greater sense of balance.

Remember that you, as an individual, are important within the whole. Your mastery is important. Self-actualization is of the utmost importance as we progress in our Ascension.

Allow for the natural patterns to surface into your consciousness and practice non-attachment of these patterns as you organically break the patterns that have kept you stuck. Emotional responses and reactions from an emotional intensified state will be amplified this week. This is a gift for us as we master this transformation.

Sunday and Monday are a quiet and calm (dream-like) gift to recharge our energies before the intensification takes hold on Tuesday. However, this intensification and how you perceive it is completely under your control. You have the power to choose how you flow with the energies! Are you flowing with non-attachment or will you attach to what is happening and have a more negative perception of something that is neutral?

How are you communicating with yourself? Are you being triggered as you are on the road trying to get to a destination? If you are getting triggered, notice what the trigger is causing you to think as a way to identify what can be shifted within Self. If you feel burdened by having to travel, that is exactly what your vibrational state is creating and therefore will be experiencing. Are you loving yourself and allowing yourself some well-deserved self-care? Are boundaries an issue for you? Now is a great time to work on boundaries. Although we are all one, we are experiencing a sense of separation as well. Individuation can be healthy especially as we work on learning and mastering boundaries.

There is a high potentiality for expanded awareness right before the Solstice. It is completely our choice to allow the expanded awareness to help us harness our mastery. The transformational energies are supporting us all as we head into the Solstice. If we choose to use these energies, we will reach a period of rapid Ascension while we harness and master Balance.

On the shortest day of Sunlight for the Northern hemisphere and the longest day of Sunlight for the Southern hemisphere, we are being supported in our complete transformation within our evolution as we reach a new plateau of harmonious balance between our masculine and feminine aspects. We may perceive this as the harmonious marriage of the Silver Moon and the Golden Sun.

Being aware of the peak of this energetic event makes us better equipped to ride the waves in an awakened and enlightened state. The patterns have been shown by the light of awareness, thus, are easily seen. The choice of what we are putting effort into is in the forefront. What are you still attached to? Is it in alignment with your highest and best potential? If not, then what is keeping you stuck? We are able to cut these cords that have enslaved us in the past. It is safe to fall from the burning tower. Listen passively, without attaching to any-thing. If we choose to remain bound by material things, and what that entails, we are making a conscious choice now. The truth has been revealed. The rest is up to our conscious will. Each one of us has complete accountability now, as we move forward.

We are being encouraged to stay present in a state of non-attachment and fall freely (and willingly) into receptivity. Being receptive means we are actively listening attentively and remaining non-attached to the myriad of outcomes, thoughts, and/or emotions. This is a true balanced state because we are then able to take proper empowered action while remaining accountable for our ability to respond from a holistic state. Once we are able to harness this balanced state, we become authentically restored. As we embody empowered awareness we merge with authentic restoration.

“The breaking of conditioning (patterns) that binds you is a neutral process. If you perceive it as having to take time, so it shall be that because you think it so. If you perceive it as being a difficult process, then it will most definitely be that and you will attach to suffering. If you perceive it to be already done, so it is. You are the masters within the matrix. You are the master of Self.”

On the new dawn, once we are balanced and whole, letting go of things will be much simpler. Being attuned and in tune to one’s inner voice will achieve a new level in Ascension; intuition within Self will be more developed. Illusions will continue to disperse since a balanced and whole individual creates a balanced and whole society. These are the energies that will be supported by the mastery of achieving true balance within Self. Moving past illusions will always be guided by tuning in to each inner Self. The gift of In-Sight will disperse any lingering illusions and distortions once mastery of Balance has been achieved.

Sending all my love now!


Suzan Smadi

*Tools used for illustration: Osho Zen Tarot*

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