Law of Abundance is Created from Balanced Non-Attachment

“Humans are so attached; so attached to labels; attached to outcomes; attached to theories; attached to stories.” ~PrahDrah 

The Law of Abundance is created from a balanced integrated state of non-attachment.

Attachment is a very expensive price to pay because it prevents us from experiencing true alignment to infinite possibilities. Abundance comes from detachment of attachment, which leaves us with non-attachment. Attachment limits us. It limits our creativity and our creative flow. Creating comes from aligning with the natural flow that comes from organically blooming and naturally unfolding our beauty. detached-vs-non-attached-300x336Creation comes from aligning with the infinite possibilities that allow for an organic birth or rebirth. No forcing can achieve this process or rush this natural rhythm from harmonizing itself. Harmonic convergence comes from aligning to detachment; detaching from old patterns that have kept us from realizing our full potential.

Old patterns have kept us enslaved for eons. It’s time to release these patterns and allow for the new to rebirth and create a better experience. Abundance is our birthright!

Align with infinite possibilities by detaching from the old patterns that the stories and labels provide, which are only delusions and distortions. Align with your own divine truth that can only come from forgetting everything you have ever been told and until now have believed to be your truth.


Should we detach? Is detachment really helpful?

From one perspective, yes, detachment is helpful because it creates space in order to come back into alignment with one’s truth. However, detachment may lead to resistance of that which you find yourself attached to and could cause us to distort what non-attachment aims to solidify and harmonize within our creative flow. Non-attachment, that which creates abundance, comes from a true balanced state. If we aim to merely detach, we will be avoiding the balanced state of non-attachment. And, we already know that what we resist will persist. As such, developing a healthy state of non-attachment means that we are no longer attaching to what we have been conditioned to believe by our society.

Even the thought of detaching from our attachment is not fully in alignment with that of non-attachment. Therefore, in order to achieve the balanced state that is created from non-attaching to our stories, we must learn to unlearn everything that we have learned up until now. After all, that which we learn was learned from our parents that had once been learned from their parents (and so forth) with some variance due to slight variations of experience that were created for the purpose of each individual to perceive things from his or her view point. Most stories remain fairly unchanged, but that does not mean that they hold validity or are 100% truth or that they were created from a balanced non-attached state of consciousness.

Many stories were created from an imbalanced state due to being in a disempowered state of fear and lack based point of reference. There is no need to feel frustrated for this because it can be corrected now if you choose to break the patterns of lack-based stories. You can now recreate from a balanced state. You can move through the old mucky junk by realizing that it has kept you in a disempowered loop. Now you can empower yourself by choosing self-loving thoughts and actions. Recreating new stories, if you wish to keep the stories model, will help you in this task of re-patterning (epigenetics) and you will be molding the new for your predecessor so that your successors may benefit. Your conscious deliberate choice in the present moment will in fact heal you and your offspring from ancestral trauma.

How can we make this change? What are some action steps?

Each moment is a choice, therefore, all you have to do is make that choice. By becoming self-aware and deciding to weave a new reality, you are setting a strong intention to recreate your reality. The first step is to be open for change. The second step is to allow for the change by developing the balanced non-attached state of consciousness. Then, the third and perhaps most pivotal step is awareness. Become aware of being aware as you develop your own sense of intuition and discernment. Finally, you get to recreate your own reality and enjoy being authentically true to Self.


Remember your own truth. Realign with your birthright of unlimited potential. Allow for the truth within you to blossom and bloom into the greatness that you are. Remember your sovereign power to create! Create abundance now! 


Suzan Smadi

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