Alchemy from the Guardians’ Perspective

We are the Guardians.

We have gifted/given many tools to you (collective) as we have always co-created alongside with you. We also observe, as our intention is to learn as we expand. We are all of the same frequency as you – there has never been separation from our perspective.

When you dream in your sleep state, your consciousness meets us in our ships and it is real.

Those experiences are actually happening to you, but then we observe you waking and believing that the experience was just a dream. Your belief that dreams are not real invalidates your experience and greatly diminishes your creative potential. The Matrix that created that belief system, which negates other possibilities did so as a way to help you forget in order to live within the paradigm of that creation.

Our ships are made as a co-creation within our Merkaba fields then they take physical form.

The channel from whom we bring forth this transmission received a download from us about conception as a way to create. She perceived the conception part as being the first step in the creation process. She saw this as just a metaphor. As we provided the example of how beings reproduce and procreate. First there is conception (thought), which then leads to the procreation of another (love form). In truth, conception is not only a metaphor because that is how we have created all alongside you. The metaphor then becomes the tangible. This is alchemy.

Alchemy is creation. If you look through the “time” looking glass, you may perceive it as the concept being first which then leads to creating that into form. In actuality, alchemy happens from the “0” zero focal point field. That is how alchemy works; it works by always existing. It is the Creator’s choice to tap into the “0” focal point in order to create from alchemy.

An alchemist does not perceive the box. The Alchemist thinks and creates outside the box because the alchemist does not create from the confines of any limitations provided by being in a matrix. From our perspective, alchemy is the creative force and how all is created and keeps re-creating because it is always in the state of all potential. Alchemy is not bound or chained by rules or regulations. It is expression and it is free-flowing, and ever expanding; 13 is the basis of it.

The one is the sovereign power force alongside the creative expression of the three. The three is the trinity, the holy triangle, notice how we are describing the geometrical triangular shape as the holy part. When two becomes one, alchemy takes place. These are the keys to alchemy. The solid foundation of the 13 is what sustains the alchemist and the alchemy process which is always based within the “0” zero everlasting creative field.

We invite you to observe how this takes place and how this plays within your field.

Thank you!


This activation transmission came in earlier today. The way that I noticed “The Guardians” coming in was by their frequency, which I felt through my physical body and noticed it emanating within the room that I was in. The physical feeling was that of deep warmth within my body, and the emotional representation of that feeling was that of elation and familiarity. It felt familiar and like being “home.” Their vibration is loving and very wise…galactic elder sages is the label I ended up giving them. They are not concerned with labels or stories. They are very matter-of-fact Beings. I could feel the elven vibration that emanated from their frequency and I was not sure what would be the outcome of their transmission. They encoded the transmission with activations to act as a catalyzing agent. In all honesty, I was not planning on publishing this, but then felt like I would be doing them and their message a disservice if I were to keep it for myself.


Suzan Smadi

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