SOUL FRACTALS: Soul Mates & Twin Flames ~ The Mission

Ultimately, we are all ONE. One unified field of consciousness and creative force. SOURCE IS ALL. We are both a part of Source and we are expressions of Source. We are all united with Source. As we are fractals of the ALL, that which goes by many names – SOURCE – we seek to expand through creativity and consciousness. 

Soul Monads, Soul Mates, Twin Souls!!! Oh, my…STARS!!!

A Soul Monad simply is the grouping, therefore, it all and we all stem from the ONE without beginning or end. This means there is truly only ONE Soul Monad since the Monad is the indestructible and indivisible of ONE.

From our linear perspectives we can learn from a different vantage point by observing ourselves as separate from the ONE SOURCE. When we observe ourselves as separate, we observe ourselves as fractals of the ONE expressing in perceived different ways.

When the ONE unified field splits to create fractals of Self, then that is the creation of the different aspects that we express from. We are all within the vastness of the Great Mind and Heart Body of Source – ONENESS. As we create from that spark within, we can co-create with others’ sparks. The everlasting connections that unite us are perceived through the grid of ether. As the original fractals co-create, we create more fractals upon fractals.

Our fractals create even more fractals. We diverge, converge, merge, co-create, and expand as we contract. The paradox that encompasses and envelopes all allows infinite expressions and creations of form.

However, it is my understanding that we have these unbreakable etheric cords with those that we have contractual journeys with such as Twin Souls and Soul Mates have. Let’s first focus on understanding the experience and creation of Twin Souls.

Twin Souls are fractals of the same pattern. These fractals are complete mirrors to each other and share the same mission. It is believed that once in union, their combined efforts are a force to be reckoned with and such unions are extremely powerful. The reason the union is this powerful isn’t due to a love story, instead it is about transformation.

This fractal mirror of you expressed in physical form as someone outside of you will trigger every single thing within you that has to be purified and restructured. The reason for this deep transformative interaction is to burn away anything that is not in alignment with the mission. The mission is of the Soul not of the ego.

I see the Twin Flame as one’s Higher Self and true Self. The flame within that sparks once we come into contact with our Twin Soul. Although that inner flame can also spark from any catalytic contact since those connections offer to ignite the truth from within us. The Twin Soul is that Soul who shares your own mission and blueprint…same wavelength, although the expression of the wavelength can look different from one’s own. Thus, if someone is out of balance, that would distort how a wavelength is expressed and perceived.

Wavelength is our energetic body, which isn’t truly a body because a body denotes limitations. A wavelength, therefore, is more fluid even though it holds certain limitations from being within a body such are the circuitry. Remember that the whole point of us coming into this physical experience is about the ultimate mission of our Soul.

The mission is a creative expression of our joined purpose as a unit; it is the action as opposed to a feeling state. There are many ways to perceive the energetic body. Perceiving from a higher dimensional perspective, we can perceive the energetic body as a geometric shape and/or color. So, Twin Soul Flames would have a matching geometric shape/color.

For example, the way I see my own experience is as my Twin’s expression being the color Blue and my color expression being Red, but when we are in harmonious balance we are expressing as the blended combination of both colors, that of Purple. Yet, our geometric shape remains the same and is a match regardless of our individualized state of balance. Yes, we met as purple expressions because we had reached some sort of balance within ourselves that allowed for our timelines to converge. (This is where the so-called Bubble phase would be perceived.)

The geometric shape is the foundational element of our fractals and the color is how we choose to express that shape. The color is more fluid and changeable. If we change our attitude, opinion, taste, thought pattern, whatever beliefs we hold as truth, then our color will change. Then our geometric shape will express in a different light.

Soul Mates are pretty much everyone, and anyone, who we come into contact with – even our perceived “enemies.” At any given point within our life, we come into contact with those who are energetically a match because we are vibrating within that wavelength.

Even those connections that drive us crazy are our soul mates? Yes, that means that those contacts that are challenging as well as those that are a blessing are considered Soul Mates because it is a matching frequency. They are the creative expressions that we contracted in order to learn from or with as well as those that we came to have as our mutual blessings. It is all happening for the mutual benefit, or detriment…whichever of these we choose to perceive.

On a Soul level, every connection and contact is available to us to learn from and to help us in our ever-evolving journey. However, the main difference between soul mates and twin flames/souls is that in the soul mate connection the mission may not be the same for both expressions within our individualized reality. 

The geometric pattern/color will not be a “perfect” match in a Soul Mate experience; yet they can complement each other well with acceptance and allowance for differentiation. It is really more about the mismatch of geometric shape in this case. The Soul Mate connection lacks that deeper level of completeness that would be there with the Vesica Piscis, which is ultimately what a Twin Flame partnership creates. This is the reason that I personally believe that all true Twin pairs will come together at this time because it is about completing the mission. The mission is much bigger than our limited capacity would comprehend from the vantage point of our human perceptions.

Can these etheric cords be cut or severed? Well, I have only heard of one person talk about a way to cut the unbreakable cord through a long and arduous process, which was excruciatingly painful and the process involved multiple intentional ethereal burning away sessions.

Personally, I wouldn’t cut or burn the cord that attaches me to anyone since I don’t perceive any of my connections (even the tough ones) as being a problem, but can understand those who wish to cut those tough connections due to the pain within the rollercoaster journey that we call life. I have felt the highest and the lowest within my own journey so I can definitely relate to the wanting to end it…but it is ultimately a balancing act within our inner selves. 

So, can we truly cut our own leg off or another limb due to our perceived pain? Perhaps we can. Eventually we all must come to our own answers and conclusions about our own life experience. The low points are there to teach us something as the high points do as well. It ultimately all leads us back within so that we may balance and become aware that we are already whole and perfect.

This is what I have experienced as reality… I suppose the experience and understanding of which could be different for everyone. I invite you to share your experience and perspectives on this…and feel free to ask questions, if you have any.

Suzan Smadi

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One thought on “SOUL FRACTALS: Soul Mates & Twin Flames ~ The Mission

  1. Just wondering your perspective of the idea of soul fractals of our owl soul coming together with a twin flames’ soul fractal (in human form another person who is so similar, sharing a similar mission but they don’t come in to contact with their own human form fractals). What I mean in practice in this 3D earthly realm is meeting someone with the level of deep connection I had never felt before, that supported my intuitive growth, however we did not come together as romantic partners as I had hoped. When seeking intuitive guidance from a Psychic she answered my question of what that person was to me by indicating that it was a “fractal” one of the closest matches to my soul mate/twin flame and that’s why it had felt so intense and that when I eventually made contact with my twin flame that I would feel even more intense and deeply connected than that first person. The idea that in addition to a twin flame, that each soul has multiple fractals that can be having a human incarnation at the same tike that never meet bc they are having different experience and are not to come into contact. So me as this 1 fractal of my soul connecting with a fractal of my twin flame before connecting with my twin flame.


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