Forward Movement Beckons: CONSCIOUSLY RESPOND & ACT NOW

Collective Energy Update and Forecast 

Forward Movement Beckons: CONSCIOUSLY RESPOND & ACT NOW

WOW!!! Energy patterns have been going a bit crazy lately. Have you noticed?

Movement has been the theme this year. Reshuffling and restructuring are happening as a way to clear and make space for the new.

The Energy lately has been amplifying and intensifying. Yes, it was intense during the summer months for most of us, but this feels a bit different. I’ll explain what I mean. 

Although the summer was intense in the emotional and mental arena, many will see that the intensity gets into the physical arena this month and heading into the year’s close. The Energy pattern of this year has been one to suggest and activate us into the movement and action state.

There are certain patterns coming up right now that are reminiscent of what was transpiring back a couple of years ago. Think back to late 2016 to the early part of 2017. What was going on then that you could connect to what is happening now? 

Whatever emotional situations you may have started to clear, but didn’t fully resolve are coming on line now for resolution. However, the intensity is much more palpable at this point because it is guiding us to make a move and take action. The time to wait it out is not conducive to Ascension.

Imagine, if you will, a train that arrives at your station, but you don’t feel like taking it just yet because you think it may be too full or you feel you have more time to take the next one or because you want to wait for someone to board with you. So you decide to wait for the next train. Now that next train is here and you have only seconds to board otherwise you will be left behind again. The issue is that there may be a long delay in the arrival of the next train that is scheduled to come in after so you feel the pressure of boarding the one available now, otherwise you fear you may arrive late to your destination. The train now has to catch up to the first one that you had previously missed.

The momentum is definitely amplified and the urgency is magnified.

With this in mind, start exploring what may be coming up for you now that feels like a rerun from previous years. What did you start then that may be resurfacing now? Were you going through an emotional situation then that is surfacing again? What would you like to do with this situation now? Will you choose to board the train that is presenting for you here and now?

If you choose to move out of your comfort zone, what is the worst that could happen? What is the BEST that could happen? You are invited to take a leap of faith by doing things differently. By you deciding to be in conscious control of how you respond, you would be able to take a giant leap forward toward a higher future outcome.

The choice is ultimately yours and yours alone. What will you choose now?

In honor of my dear teacher Mahatma Gandhi, I leave you with one of his most famous quotes; “Be the CHANGE you wish to see in the world.” The change starts with your conscious choice to move forward.


Suzan Smadi

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