Ascension Consciousness: Living Blissfully Creative

Ascension Consciousness is leading to Creative Bliss.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” ~Helen Keller

What does it mean to be conscious? Are you conscious? What would you say if I asked you “Who are you?” And, better yet, “What are you?”

There are infinite ways to answer these questions, which brings me to consciousness. Depending on how you would go about answering these questions, you would have to be operating from some level of consciousness.

Let’s begin by defining our terms and concepts.

Consciousness is about awakened perception or awakening perceptions, which lead us to AWARENESS. Consciousness is the goal of our lifetime experience.  Now we can understand consciousness from a deeper sense and move into the awareness of awareness itself. Awareness is defined as the universal field of knowledge within intelligence and sentience. It encompasses everything within it. Awareness is more like an inner experience. 

Who and what we are fundamentally is AWARENESS and Expanding CONSIOUSNESS – within different layers of itself experiencing various states in order to learn how to observe and through observation open up to a new level of Self. 

Notice the capital “S” in Self…this speaks of a Higher Self, not the lower “ego” self that identifies with various roles and restrictions. The ego structure is limiting and separates us from the whole. However, we need this structure of ego in order to play the game of life. We take on various roles in order to satisfy the ego’s creative potential to create from a point of focus. The ego is here to help us live life and yet in a sleeping or semi-awake state, the ego runs the show. As we awaken to the ultimate Truth that is within us, we become masters of our ego structure and take our POWER back in the creative process.

The world, us as humans, but not limited to humans, is in a progressive state of awakening, which is part of Ascension. 

Have you heard of Ascension before? What do you think it means? Ascension simply means evolution and how we as a species are evolving in this time/space continuum. You see, we have been ascending for a long time in our Earth years.  We can, however, devolve within the dissolution if we choose to let our ego structure run the show.  In fact, we have played within the two levels of evolution and devolution.  With that said, we need to understand that it is not about judging our experience, but instead about observing it.  As we ascend in the NOW, we are leveling up through our awakened perceptions and increasing Expanding Awareness.

As Conscious Beings, we are (most of us) in a progression through the awakening process of knowing our Self. In actuality we have always existed, otherwise, we would not be here now. We have played many roles throughout time and space within the creative dreams that we dream.

Some of you may think this is starting to sound far-fetched and outlandish. I assure you that it is okay that you feel that way, if you do. But, for fun, just follow me on this journey as I explain these concepts further.

Consciousness can be explained as awareness, however, that would not do justice because our awareness is truly limited while in a human body. Within awareness, there are several layers, which could be pictured as looking into a mirror. 

What we immediately see upon gazing into a mirror is what our conscious awareness is focusing on. Depending on what we want to focus on, our awareness is actively seeking to observe that which we seek. Try closing your eyes for a bit and then reopen them and take notice of what is the first thing that you see. That gives you a clue as to a portion of your focus. What we are not focusing on is still existing and available for us to choose to focus upon it…whenever we wish. There are infinite things that we can choose to focus on at any given moment and so we DO!

Many things are co-existing with or without our choosing to focus upon them. What that means is that our conscious awareness is very much limited to our focus and to our choices. Now we can go deeper in understanding the other co-existing levels of awareness. 

If we want to look deeper, we need other reflective devices, other mirrors, in order to see what is not readily available through our every-day conscious awareness. We must place mirrors in such a way that they reflect back an image of the things that are behind us (or a deeper layer within us) to the mirror in front of us. The things that are behind us are likened to our subconscious. 

Our subconscious is a vast sea, which connects us within the energetic ocean that exists and permeates all.  It is through the subconscious level that we create our life experience.  In uncovering our subconscious beliefs, we understand how we have chosen to manifest in this reality that we call life.  Many of us know that we create our own experience, but don’t really know how until we delve deep into our subconscious sea.

What this translates to in our every-day life is our relationships with other people and our environment. 

The dynamics between how we relate to our world, including others in our world, are like the dynamics of seeing ourselves in a mirror. If we want to look deeper into understanding ourselves, we must take notice of what is being reflected back to us within our experience. Our perception of the outside world will always give us invaluable insights as to what is available to be uncovered within our own consciousness. Take the clues that the world and your experience offer you and look deeper into your own inner experience.  


Consciousness is like a bubble and NOW it is time for all of us to expand our bubbles of consciousness and perceptions.

Make sure that your posture is upright (open and straight) because then the antenna (which is the physical body) is attuned to the highest frequency possible.

MEDITATE!!! This cannot be stressed enough because it is through the act of meditating and within the BEingness of meditation that the inner world is fully discovered. This is how we explore our inner experience. Meditation is also vast. There are many ways and forms of meditation that one can use as a means of contemplation. Some of my favorite types of meditation are:

  • Washing dishes and being present
  • Cloud gazing, moon gazing, sun gazing
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Body Connection
  • Heart Mind Coherence

It is through Self-Mastery that all is created – in an EMPOWERED way.

There are many ways to jump start your enlightenment or increase its momentum. I can assist you in this journey. If any of you is interested in delving into this path of Self-Mastery, please feel free to contact me.

“The universe is not outside you. Look inside yourself, everything that you want, you already are.” ~Rumi

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