FEAR: The Call of the Heart

Have you experienced paralyzing fear? The kind of fear that not only makes you want to hide under a blanket, but the type that makes you wish you did not even exist is the sort of fear that paralyzes you. Paralyzing fear makes you stop right on your tracks wide-eyed like a deer in front of headlights. 

Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay

You know that psychological response that happens to us whenever our amygdala is triggered in the limbic system? The fight, flight or freeze response that happens when fear is triggered within us is a self-defense mechanism. Through eons of evolution, we as an existing species have adopted certain ways that we cope with our strong emotional triggers and responses.

I know fear quite well; you might even say that I am learning how to be friends with the paralyzing fear…not there yet! For the longest time, I shied away from anything that provoked that strong uncomfortable feeling within me. I can still remember as a young infant in the crib having what is termed night terrors and wishing for all of it to end. Yes, the demons are very real. 

The demons that are in the Collective Field are not what they are portrayed to be, not exactly. You see, what I know demons to be are manifestations of our negative thought patterns that feed on our purity, and even feed on that paralyzing fear. In fact, it is the FEAR that demons consider candy and they enjoy feasting on our emotional vibration when fear is triggered. 

Demons gain momentum and feed on our Life Force Energy (Prana/Chi) when we are vibrating in the fear frequency. These so-called demons (A.K.A. Collective Negative Thought Patterns) feast on our Power because we literally hand it to them on a silver platter. Due to erroneous beliefs, we have naively and innocently fed these little monsters for eons. Yes, I call them little monsters because without our feeding them, they are nothing but projections of the Collective Field.  These manifestations don’t truly have any creative power of their own, hence why they need to feed. 

As I mentioned before, ever since infancy I have been aware of demons…they are scary looking and their vibrations are erratic to put it mildly. At first, I screamed and cried to be with other adults so that I could feel protected against these horrible manifestations. Many times I just pretended to be non-existent as the paralyzing fear kicked high into gear within me. I figured that if I did not exist, they would not exist. As I played with these concepts throughout childhood, sometimes I would get it just right that they would disappear. Mostly I failed to control my strong emotion of fear. It has been a trial and error journey. 

 The reason I bring up the demons is not to get controversial about what they are or aren’t; instead, it’s about perhaps offering a different perspective on them and our relationship dynamic. This relationship dynamic is one that requires understanding and awareness in order to heal those broken aspects of self. As I have matured and evolved through the trial-and-error phases, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is pointless to fight, take flight or freeze when it comes to facing our inner demons (even the seemingly outer ones). The best course of action, and the most healing, is to embrace them as our own broken pieces. By mending our seemingly difference in vibrational frequency, we create coherence through peace and harmony. 

It may seem counterintuitive, of course, to embrace our demons and love our fears. But it is this embracing and integration that is needed to overcome those same fears. If we act as if the fears and demons don’t exist, they will in fact persist and gain power. Surely you have heard of the age-old adage whatever you resist will persist. When we resist something, we give it our power since we are FOCUSING on not addressing it. 

Imagine having a flying pink elephant in the room when you are in the middle of a serious conversation. Do you really think that you will be able to finish your conversation without addressing the distraction that the strangeness of the flying pink elephant has created? If you try, I can promise you that YOU will be the one that will be looked at as the strange one. If there is a flying pink elephant or demons around, the best and healthiest thing to do is to address it. Being open and present to what is happening now is healthy. Why? The reason is simply because it is authentic, honest, alive and EMPOWERED. 

Besides, what it boils down to is that once we overcome our fears through integration, we get to the pot of gold that is on the other side of that fascinating rainbow. The rainbow symbolizes the unintegrated parts of us with the different hues of colors, all of which are just a different manifestation of the light as it is reflected or refracted on the water prisms. The rainbow, therefore, serves as our bridge to get to the love that is right there or rather “here” waiting for us if we choose to enter through it by embracing the optical illusion; the optical illusion is what fear is all about since from a fearful state, we can’t see clearly to what someone else may notice. The fear tries to keep us from achieving the higher perceptions. The higher perceptions only know Love, Joy, Grace, and Blissful Peace.

FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

The grappling fears are illusory deceptions that we set up to sort of test ourselves; we do this in a subconscious way to test our resolve to choose a higher perception of Divine Truth. We like to witness the courage that we may possess as we make the conscious choice to love ourselves enough to overcome the barriers that we perceive. Once we have the courage and possess the Love to answer the call of our heart, we achieve much more than we could have imagined because that is the reward in itself. The best rewards always rest right beyond the fears that we overcome as we listen to our Soul’s Heart.


Suzan Smadi

2 thoughts on “FEAR: The Call of the Heart

  1. What do you think causes childhood fears and nightmares?
    I can recall episodes of acute fear of death at age 3 or 4 as well as nightmares at 5 or so. I can still remember opening the cabinet under the sink to find a severed head! The movie “The Thing” in 1950 or so at about 9 produced fear of outside darkness for years.

    Perhaps those episodes produce a contrast to our later maturity and more understanding of fears in others.

    Thanks for your insightful essays.



    1. Hi Michael,

      I think that there are various reasons for childhood fears and nightmares. It depends on the particular situation. With that said, many times it has to do with past life memories. For example, if there was a traumatic death in a previous incarnation, that will play out in our childhood dreams.

      I definitely had this happen to me. I had these recurring nightmares of the traumatic way that I had passed in a previous incarnation. These nightmares intensified up until the age that I had died in a previous life was reached. The nightmare was the same each time, which leads me to believe it was a memory as opposed to a random fear. I was quite young at the time. Before the age of 5 so that would be another clue as to it being a memory instead of a psychological fear from this lifetime.

      Another possibility would be a feeling of not being adequately protected by the care-givers/parents. If there are high-stress situations in the household or environment, a child will pick up on that…children are definitely sponges. These psychologically created fears and insecurities would play out in the dream state. Even a tv show or movie that the adults put on when a child is barely two may have a traumatizing effect on the critical sensitive period within the early childhood development.

      As you can see, there are multiple possibilities and potentials to create childhood fears and nightmares. I only gave three potentials here, which validate your own experience of a fear that developed as a child due to a movie.

      This is one reason that I do my best in bringing up these points to parents so that they can be more mindful of what they subject the impressionable young ones to, even as infants. If we as adults become more conscious and aware of these critical issues, we can then consciously choose to protect the developing psyches of the younger generation. Perhaps that is all that is required to bring peace on earth. Awakening our consciousness and leveling up our own awareness is key in this feat.

      Thanks for your question and connecting!


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