CANCER: The Teachings of Nurture and Nature

When you hear the word cancer, what are your first impressions? What are the first images, thoughts, feelings, or associations that you become aware of? Cancer has become a negative word in our modern world. When I hear that nebulous word, the awareness within me takes notice and my antenna goes up. In it and of itself, the word cancer is not bad. What if I was referring to the zodiacal sign or the constellation in the heavens?  In fact, that is an interesting discussion topic. How did we manage to use the same word for these two seemingly different aspects?

On one hand, we have the astrological information of Cancer. When I think of it in this context, I see it as a nurturing energy. After all, the moon rules Cancer and the moon represents our mother. This awareness brings me to the subconscious and emotions, which is also what the moon signifies. Now that is an interesting connection. Let me explain this sacred connection.

The second and more negative version of cancer is the one everyone dreads to hear coming out of her doctor’s mouth. In this contextual frame, the doctor would be giving a horrifying diagnosis. From this vantage point, we can all put ourselves in the shoes of the unsuspecting patient and feel the fear that is triggered. The sunken stomach that comes in when we get bad news like we have been punched in the gut is the feeling I perceive as I imagine this situation playing out. It isn’t something that I wish for anyone!

What I find most curious is the fact that the same word is connected to both contextual frameworks.  One makes us want to run for the hills; the other makes us want to learn more while having a long conversation with our mother (or subconscious). The connecting piece here is the emotional aspect and the subconscious. The root cause of the negative dis-ease is based upon the emotions and the beliefs within the subconscious.

I have lost multiple people to this terrible dis-ease. Surely you can relate since this is such a widespread common disturbance in our world. This dilemma triggers a lot of pain and anger. In fact, anger is a higher vibrational emotion than apathy or depression. Anger will kick us into gear in order to take action. The drive that most people need in order to make a change is the energy of anger. Therefore, the anger that we feel acts as a catalyst for change.

Do you want to know what angers me? This dis-ease angers me, and people not realizing how to let go of this manifestation. I remember when a dear person, my Godmother, was battling this illness for many years. This person was truly remarkable in the battle that she fought and yet, at the end, the battle was lost. I desperately wanted to be of service and to help relieve her suffering. Although this was before I fully stepped into the holistic and alternative medicine field, Spirit would always lead me to find pertinent information. Since my intention was clear, the information that would be of service just flowed into my awareness.

Spirit fed me some interesting knowledge about battling this monster that we call cancer. I enthusiastically shared the information with her almost two decades ago hoping to help her in the healing process. She thanked me for caring, but didn’t act on what I had shared. Frustrated, I wondered how could anyone not want to explore every avenue that was available in order to heal. It was at that moment the realization that we are all traveling through our own journey anchored within me. Wow, what an epiphany!

Due to this experience, I began to learn how to detach from the outcome. When we believe to have some great revelation or secret sauce, some of us want to feed everyone this deliciousness. Unfortunately or fortunately, everyone has different taste buds. The taste buds are dependent on the individual composition. The human body is complex and simple. Due to the complexity and simplicity of the human body, we must realize that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all model. In fact, this belief is very limiting.

After realizing that it was my job to provide information and maintain non-attachment to the outcome, I began to feel peace. Messengers are in a lot of ways seed-planters. A messenger must deliver the message clearly and accurately. The message is the seed that if nurtured will sprout and bloom into a beautiful manifestation.

Here is what I understand about the cancer epidemic. The bullet points that follow are to keep it simple and share quick seeds of information.

  • Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. In numerology 4 symbolizes structures, work, consistency, and building solid foundations.
  • It is between Gemini (communication) and Leo (manifestation). If there is a blockage in communicating with or about our feelings, we will manifest the dis-ease.
  • Northern hemisphere constellation. The North is linked with sustenance.
  • The human aspect of the North is the mind. The mind is how we manifest creation. If the mind is not clear, the manifestation will be dis-ease.
  • Otter is the totem animal in the northern position within the Earth Medicine Wheel. This suggests time for cleaning out our environment (inner and outer) and release of anything that doesn’t serve a high purpose. We clean to make space for better things to flow in to our life.
  • Spirit Keeper for the North is Buffalo. This suggests that there is an emphasis on purification and intensity. The empowering powers are renewal, purity, and clarity. The color is white.
  • Cancer the dis-ease is well known as the silent killer because we only become aware of it when it has gained momentum and strength within our physical body.
  • Illness caused by malignant tumor or growth. Rapidly spreading of malignant cells, which destroy healthy tissue.
  • Gradual destruction of building material.
  • High in toxicity because the malignant cells thrive in toxic environments.

What is the answer in solving this dilemma? Holistically speaking, we are best served by dealing primarily with the root cause and not just the symptoms of what arises from the state of dis-ease. The dis-ease itself is showing us that there is a need for nurturance. It’s time to take a long over-due look at the aspects we have either suppressed or repressed in order to release the toxic sludge from our bodies. We are not served by denying the root cause. In order to truly heal, we must face the whole entire Being. We are not served by dealing with a portion of the parts that make up a Human Being. The four bodies must come in unison and be harmonized. The four bodies are that of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In order for healing to occur, true YOGA must be reached within the bodies that make up the complete package.

The point is that if we only deal with the physical components, the dis-ease may go into remission for a while. However, the symptoms of the dis-ease may later return because nothing has been processed within the other components. Also, what works for one person may not be the answer for the second individual that has the same issue. We have to start treating each case as a whole individual experience and look for the root cause. Once the root cause has been identified, we can then succeed with the dealing of symptomatic complaints. The fact that the root cause has been identified may be the missing link in the healing journey.

May you always be blessed with abundance in thriving health and wisdom. #wisdomwednesday

Have a great week!


Suzan Smadi

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