Journey Back to Natural Products Incorporating Essential Oils

Essential oils seem to be a top craze at the moment. With each passing year, the momentum of living a natural lifestyle is increasing in popularity. Incorporating 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils seems to be on most people’s radar.

Essential oils are easily obtainable from many manufacturers, distributors, spas, retail and wholesale shops. Most discount stores and drug stores carry a variety of different essential oils. For many of us the choices of where to purchase these oils becomes a dilemma. How do we know that an essential oil is truly pure or if it has been altered? If we choose to buy altered oils, will they have a negative impact on our health/well-being? Why may we see such a difference in the price tags among the many places that distribute these oils?

From my many experiences and years of in-depth research, I have found some tips to keep in mind when choosing which oils to get. I’ll be sharing some of these tips along with my personal recommendations for the type of oils to have available. I’ll also share a personal story of how using an essential oil haphazardly could be dangerous and how I found more self-compassion in the process.

Before we get started, full disclosure, I endorse the company Young Living. I became a distributor for Young Living products over a year ago. To read more about my reasons for choosing to join Young Living, you may go to my dedicated page here.

I’d like to go over a few key elements about what I look for when I choose which oil to get. First, I am looking for specific oils that will help me resolve an issue that has come up. For example, my go-to-oil for most things is one that is known for its versatility, Lavender (lavandula angustifolia). Many call Lavender the Swiss army knife of oils. Lavender may help with things such as insomnia, anxiety, bouts of anger or stress, headaches, and even burns. NOTE: Not all Lavender oils in the market will have this therapeutic effect. This is when it definitely matters where we choose to buy our oils from.

A little story about how I self-healed second-degree burns, which I got from using another oil (Oregano) neat is rather funny. Neat means undiluted. Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is considered one among other hot oils. I was well aware that this oil is high in phenols and may irritate skin if applied neat from my prior research. Therefore, if you decide to use Oregano or any other hot oil, please use with caution. Always dilute it before applying or drinking in a capsule.

This story begins with a precognitive dream. I dreamt of finding out I had developed a skin tag; sure enough that morning, I found out that I had developed a skin tag in a sensitive area. This area is not an easily accessible area, which made treating it more complicated. As my ego stories began, it left me quite worried. In a state of slight panic, I decided to use the essential oil of Oregano. Oregano oil is known as hot; I thought this would work in order to burn the skin tag off. Although I knew this oil isn’t to be used neat, I was on a mission to nip this in the bud. Well, I thought that covering the area would speed up the process.

After two days of self-treating allowing fearful thoughts of ego to lead, I realized that I had burned my skin to a crisp. Yes, I had given myself second-degree burns. Perhaps if I had kept going down that road, I would have been hospitalized for my lack of self-compassion. Instead, my inner-guidance stepped in by helping me see what I was doing to myself. Once I saw the skin tag and surrounding area’s charred skin blistering, I immediately switched gears. I used a combination of Lavender and Frankincense (boswellia carterii) with pieces of my Aloe Vera plant to regenerate the skin cells. A week later using the self-care concoction that was intuitively suggested and my newfound self-compassion, my skin was as good as new. I also used this Lavaderm Cooling Mist prior to applying the oils and throughout the day for the first few days.

The heavenly union of these two oils is sacred. #lavincense 🤩

Did I experience tons of discomfort, pain and fear during this ordeal? Absolutely. Did any of that stop me from achieving successful results? No. In fact, I saw the wonderful opportunity to teach by telling this story.

The moral of that story is to only listen to the inner guidance that comes through while in a peaceful state. This is the second key element. If we listen to the ego thoughts that creep up from a state of fear, worry, anxiety or stress, the outcome will be less than desirable. The road that we will be traveling while in an unbalanced state will not be in alignment with Divine Truth. Before deciding which oils to use, we MUST clear our emotional state. By coming from a centered and balanced harmonic state, we will be rewarded with solutions in alignment with Divine Truth.

The third key element is to know your supplier well and feel what they instill in you. If the supplier/distributor is able and willing to develop a trusting relationship with you then that is a plus. In order to build trust, the relationship must have true and tested moments of elevated awareness. If the supplier is not interested in developing this relationship with you, think twice before you believe anything they say. Also, be aware of how you feel while in communication with the supplier. If the supplier or distributor is instilling fear or anger in you, think about his/her motives. Make your empowered decision on which company you would like to be your supplier by using these key elements.

The last thing that we will address is the difference in price. I have purchased many different types of essential oils from different suppliers. Some oil brands were cheaper than others. I purchased many different kinds of oils to try out throughout many years. Part of the discovery process is being open to explore. The clear awareness that many oils marketed as pure or all natural is either false or misguided has come from this exploration. Quality over quantity is the best piece of advice I can offer on this. I’ve found myself puzzled at how much money I’ve spent while trying to save money throughout the years. The good news is that I have been studying this in-depth in order to teach what I’ve learned. My goal is to help you in your journey back to a more holistic natural state. Incorporating essential oils may be what the missing link is in assisting your body to a more balanced state.

Key Elements:

  • Research – Get informed about the oils that you are thinking about using.
  • Breathe to Be centered – Muscle testing and dowsing only work if we are centered. Divine Truth can only be received by breathing through chaos.
  • Partnership – Develop a true relationship with your supplier/distributor. Building trust is key.
  • Quality over quantity – Best purchases are based on quality not on price in the long run.
  • Discovery through exploration – Be open to learning new information.

Have a blessed and balanced week!

Suzan Smadi

Contact me to become part of my Empowering Oils team or if you have questions about oils in general.
If you’d like to purchase some Young Living products, I welcome you to use me as your referral. Feel free to reach out with any concerns.

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