The Event Awakening Humanity

Remember that after each storm passes, the clouds part so that we can enjoy the LIGHT again.

In the Quantum Healers forum, we have been discussing this impending event that clients had been channeling through in sessions for years now. Many had described the event having to do with huge solar flares. Although it is still possible that we could experience a massive solar flare that would reset all of our communication means, this pandemic is more viable to the shift. Based on various sources of information, I believe that the event that we are experiencing now is the big shift that will inevitably bring lasting PEACE. This is happening as a way for us to turn within and put our focus on spiritual evolution. In so doing, we will restore the destroyed structures with a more holistic and moral compass. This is the Event that is Awakening Humanity.

As a psychic and physical medium, I strongly feel the subtle shifts within the energetic fields. I also felt this “big shift” soon approaching. In this YouTube video, I speak about the “REFORMATION” linking back to the Renaissance (Golden age).  After much contemplation, I can confidently say that this pandemic and its outcomes will usher in the restructures that our Human society needs. The reformers of the Renaissance era were humanists, who aimed to bring on enlightenment to the world. The same can be said for the “Light workers” (alternative healers) that are among us now. This will not destroy us. This may set some of us back, but we shall rise again, stronger and more poised.

In the work that I do as a Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, I encounter numerous paths of thought and Insight. The beauty of which allows me to have a broader perspective than if I were only exploring my own psyche. Being a facilitator and Guide has increased my own Self-awareness as connecting the dots within the vastness of Oneness becomes easier. Bringing in the sacred science of Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) into the mix only increases the awareness and perspectives that can be gained. We truly learn so much about our own nature by the mere observation of it and then contemplating on its meaning.

For a substantial number of years, many of us knew of an upcoming event that would change the world in ways that we could only imagine. Many in the BQH/QHHT community encountered information that coincides with what is happening now. The “Big Shift” or “The Event” as many termed this shake-up within the Quantum Healing community, matches what we were predicting using the science of astrology.

According to Tropical (Western Astrology), we knew of a big shift that would happen around this time. The shift has been in progress for quite a while with the shifting of the outer planets, namely Uranus (wild card) and Pluto (powerful regenerative transformations). These so-called outer planets are generational and their effects are bigger and longer lasting than personal planets. Those of us who study these movements knew of the shifts that would affect us for years to come. We had predicted many structures that would have to be destroyed in order to be rebuild on a more solid foundation. The structures of commerce, economy, politics, education are only a few that are being affected with these changing times. The big “REFORMATION” is amongst us now.

Now we move to observing what Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) has to show. One of the main differences in the systems (Western/Eastern) is the fact that in Vedic Astrology we use the nakshatras (asterisms). There are 27 Nakshatras (lunar mansions) that are used in this ancient and elegant astrological system. We also heavily use the positions of Rahu and Ketu (the North and South nodes of the moon). As you can probably see by now, the moon heavily influences this sacred system. The moon represents our mind and subconscious; it symbolizes the inner workings that make manifestation possible hence, the strong emphasis on the moon.

From the Vedic astrological perspective, we have Rahu in Arudra (symbol: tear drop) and Ketu in Mula (symbol: tail of a lion/root) making a conjunction to Mars (aggressive action). The last time this configuration showed its effects was on 9/11, and we all know the devastating events that took place then. Rahu and Ketu make these exact connections to the above nakshatras every 18.6 years. These specific nakshatras deal with destruction of the old beliefs, ways, and structures. The good news is that after the destruction comes the reformation and restoration. We build new structures based on more information and a stronger fundamental ground.

As we embark on another week of “self-quarantine” and fear, we notice so many things starting to shift around our society. The shift always starts in the subtlest of ways, which means it starts from within our own psyches. When in fear, the best medicine is to turn inward and work through that fear in meditation/contemplation. Finding ways to work through our own sense of panic is the best option as we develop new pathways and new modes of existing. Turning inward in the cases of such fear, panic, and uncertainty is the best approach in these dire circumstances.

You are an imperative and pivotal part of the grand masterpiece. You hold the power within you to change the world by changing your own perspective. When you change from within, you create a ripple effect in the energetic ocean and fabric of the Universe. Please know that you, as a beautiful and powerful Being, are an important piece to the puzzle. You matter so much to this Up-leveling and spiritual evolution.

When you change from within, you create a ripple effect in the energetic ocean and fabric of the Universe.

If you feel called, here are some key questions to ask yourself as you contemplate your own place within this scheme of Re-Awakening.

  • Will you do your part to help the world?
  • What can you do to help shift your own perspective?
  • Which belief structures have worked for you in your own journey and life?
  • Which belief structures have failed you?
  • Which other suitable structures could replace those that you are willing to let go of?
  • How can you engage with your loved ones having made this shift?
  • How can you engage with the world having made this shift?

Remember that after each storm passes, the clouds part so that we can enjoy the LIGHT again. Have a HEALING week!

Suzan Smadi ✨💖✨

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