Unconditional LOVE May Cause An Uprising

How do we know when we have met the right ‘one’ for us? How do we know if that Love is reciprocated in the very early stages of a budding romance? How can we allow ourselves to free-fall into an abyss of the uncertain unknown? That famous saying comes to mind at this point. The saying goes like this: “What if I fail? Oh darling, what if you fly?”

Love is a complicated concept. In truth, it is quite simple and should be simple. It gets complicated when our egos get involved…better said, when we ALLOW our egos to get involved. The ego only knows what it has learned from past conditioning. Throughout the conception of our ego, when we are quite young, younger than most of us can remember, our ego begins to form as it soaks up the experiences around and within the environment. The ego, after all, is part of our psyche’s defense mechanism; it is meant to keep us safe and warn of any impending danger. This means that if we hold some limiting beliefs about love, this can be one of the greatest blockages to overcome.

How do we develop negative beliefs about love? Well, do you ever feel inadequate or unlovable? This stems from our past conditioning…dare I say, even as far back as ancestral trauma. The ancestral trauma is stored within our DNA. It is part of our genetic makeup. This means that if a pattern began centuries ago, that pattern may very well still be playing a starring role in our current experience. You may be wondering how our DNA is working or weaving our ancestors’ issues into our love lives.  The answer is simple.  The DNA is our memory bank that takes into account all of the memories of our predecessors. Our DNA is the prototype.

I have to be honest here; I have struggled to write this article due to its nature and the depth of inner work that was required of me to dive deep. This has taken a MONTH to write because as I delved deeper into this subject, more things arose within me so that I may take a closer look and release any old beliefs around it. After all, I care about the material I put out into the world. I wouldn’t want to give out false or misleading information. If my heart and Soul are not into a subject, I quickly release the need to write about it or contemplate it; however, the Love subject is near and dear to me – and, I am sure to you too. 😉

Let’s define what Love is and put some parameters in place so that we may all be on the same page. Many talk about love as a definition of desire or attachment. Love is not lust. Some may believe that Love has different levels or stages…I’m not convinced of this belief. What I know Love to be is the essential core vibration of our Being. We are made out of Love as Love expands what it touches. True Love is Unconditional. Unconditional Love means there are no conditions attached to the sharing of the Love that we inherently are. To attempt caging Love when placing conditions upon it, limits its essence and Divine Nature. When we cage a bird, the bird may still chirp and play, but that bird’s nature has been hindered. A bird is meant to fly and roam the world at will because that’s the nature of birds. When we limit this nature, we may inadvertently cause more harm than good.

If we come into a budding romance with this essential and fundamental understanding of Unconditional Love, we may have a better experience. We may co-create Sacred Union. When we make the shift to sharing Unconditional Divine LOVE with another that may open up the avenues to pursue true commitment. Commitment and loyalty are byproducts of being in a Sacred Union that embodies Unconditional Love. There is a known saying that brings this concept home: “if you love something, set it free; if it comes back, it’s yours, if not it wasn’t meant to be.” In order to experience this higher state of Love, this Spiritual type of ultimate Love, we must be willing to TRUST. If we trust that our Love is True, then we will freely give it space – we will freely give our Loved one space to Be.

The Universe has an interesting way of working some Love magic when it lifts the clouds of delusion. These clouds that are present may come from the past experiences of our ancestors, as stated above. How can we manage to remove these obstacles? There are different healing ways to accomplish this task. I find that a combination of the following modalities works best: Elemental Shamanic Healing, Ancestral Healing Work, and Inner Child Work. Using these modalities while using potent therapeutic-grade essential oils to help with the release of pent up emotions is what I recommend because it has worked for me (personally and professionally). This is deep Spiritual emotional healing that takes place because we are dealing with deeply ingrained negative patterns within our psyche.

Ways to tell if you are ready to release old programming/negative patterns and co-create a harmonious Love union:

  • You have had difficult relationship issues in the past (rocky on-off again, toxic, divorce, etc.)
  • You are tired of not being in a mutually satisfying committed loving relationship
  • You love your life and are ready to share that love with someone
  • You are willing to get HONEST with yourself – and a partner
  • You have given up hope of finding ‘the one’
  • You are not willing to settle just to be in a relationship
  • You DESIRE True Love

The road to this may not be easy, but it is 1000% worth it. The healing work required may seem difficult at first, but it will lead to the light at the end of the dark tunnel. And, who knows? Maybe at the end of that tunnel, you will finally meet the one most suited to join you in Sacred Union.

Have a Loving week! ✨💖✨


Suzan Smadi

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