Harmonic Convergence Empowerment of FAITH

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

These past few years seem to be all over the place. Left, right, up, down, forward and backward. Spinning us and squeezing us to the point of no return is the feeling of NOW. Perhaps it even feels like a Magic 8 Ball…what will we get? What will we experience NOW? Many of us noticed a dramatic change around 2012-2013. Although things were happening at a much slower rate then, things started to feel crazy as sudden shifts of events took place.

We began manifesting at a faster rate. Many of us took focused notice of the Mandela Effect. It also seemed as though we were able to shift timelines with more ease. People started to wake up even if at a slower rate. Some people decided to stay in the hypnogogic state a while longer as if waking up from a refreshing nap. That was possible before…not Now. This is the rough wake up call that comes with the disturbance of loud thuds of pots and pans being shaken.

That change began slowly and ever since it has picked up momentum. These current times remind me of a rollercoaster ride. The anticipation of being on line waiting to be next for that incredibly thrilling and freighting ride is the feeling observed. The creative process can often feel this way. And, it can feel quite easy if we surrender and align with the natural flow. The frightening feeling comes from not trusting in the flow, not trusting in the creative process.

Do you know what else can make it feel so frightening? What other reasons could there be for these years to bring up so much fear within the collective? The clue is in the question. Perhaps it is due to being intertwined with the collective. Sometimes it can be scarier when we aren’t fully in control of the creative flow. It’s one thing to be a creative genius on our own; it’s completely another experience when we’re collaborating on a creative project. Co-creation can seem more difficult for those of us who are accustomed to being in control. This leaves a strong feeling of uncertainty.

Co-creation means that we must surrender having any control. That is, we don’t have any control except for how we choose to move through the process. We can only control how we react, respond and what we contribute. This teaches us a valuable lesson in TRUST. We must undergo an immeasurable amount of inner change by changing our focus and shifting into FAITH. This is the time when most of us will be tested in our commitment to building (co-creating) a new era. We are now being tested in our faith.

Faith is not supposed to be easy. We are only asked to have faith when something isn’t going our way. Whenever things don’t go as we planned is when faith becomes necessary. If things are not going as we had hoped, that is specifically when we must surrender to faith. Whenever something is triggering us to hurt, suffer, and lose faith, that’s precisely the moments that faith is most required. These are the times that faith becomes useful. No one is ever asked to have faith when things are going well. If things are going perfectly as planned or if they are happy with how things are unfolding there is no need for faith. Faith comes into the picture when we believe to have fallen. It requires trust without having any logical proof. Faith lets us know that all is fine because it IS fine, although that may not be viewed from our current perspective. Perspective shapes what we see. Faith requires us to trust in the unseen.

Perspective shapes what we see. Faith requires us to trust in the unseen.” ~Suzan Smadi

From our very limited view, we perceive things as falling apart, when in fact they are transforming into something better. Faith lessens suffering. Not because we will get what we are attached to, but because we will get what’s meant for us. A picture that our ego can’t conceive of because it is not of the past, it’s not of lower desires, is what we will co-create. Ultimately, our faith leads us to a higher experience. Higher vision. Dharma.

The birthing process can feel frightening, exhausting, and even painful. However, after the labor is complete, we are astonished at our resolve, and we are mesmerized by our new creation.  Some labors take much longer than others. As we go through this strong wave of contraction, we can choose to focus on the wonderful outcome. Our collective birthing process can be smooth or hard; it can take longer or not. The choice is ours, collectively. Yet, the choice starts individually. Have you made your choice yet?

The promise is that with Faith, Trust, and Courage, we will co-create a better world on solid foundation. We will experience a better future. We will become the ancient Ones, the ancestors, who made that future possible. Although there are limitless possibilities when we look into future probabilities, the one that is most appealing is the one where we come together in Faith.

If you are here living through this now, you have chosen to experience this transformation. You have chosen to be part of the masses that witness tremendous upheaval as the old paradigm crumbles before our eyes. This is how we are choosing to experience the massive shift in consciousness. We are heading into a collaborative process in creating a stable system with Integrity as its foundation. That means that each of us has to go through a clearing process. We have been carrying old baggage (willingly or not) for way too long. That must change NOW.

Many of us have noticed the intensity of the emotional rollercoaster. We have chosen to get on this ride together. We are exploring through experience the highs and lows of the emotional system as we go through this birthing process. As we weave the fabric of the new future, we must come into alignment within ourselves. That means that we have to focus our energy on balancing the inside scopes of our inner cosmos. With balance comes greatness. And, Faith is the key to achieving that inner balance of harmonizing our energies.

We harmonize by balancing. We balance by harmonizing. The paradox is that we come into a Sacred Union within ourselves as we work through our doubts and fears. Anchoring in Faith means we must all be willing and ready to take a leap into the unknown. Breathe. It will all work out wonderfully. It is all being woven, not only by us, but also by the Sacred Elements of nature. That is how we all co-create our collective experience. Nature’s aim is to achieve equilibrium and balance the scales. Harmony comes naturally in Nature because it is a Universal Law. Due to this Law of Nature, we observe the only constant, that of change.

With this awareness comes a sense of Empowerment. The paradox is found here again as we are asked to relinquish control of the outcomes. Things will never be the same as they were before, however, we will create a new normal. The new paradigm that is being woven through our choosing Faith is one of solidarity, Harmony and Truth. As a new Harmonic Convergence takes root, we will rise from the ashes of yesterday’s news stronger than ever before. The community will be one that only the virtuous will see. Because the virtuous Ones are the ones that have chosen to stand together in FAITH.

May you be strong in these tumultuous waves of change. May you have the courage that you need in order to ride these waves. May you serve others who are lagging behind by showing them the way. If you are reading this, you are one of the First Responders. Thank you for your sacred service.

Have a Faithful week!

Suzan Smadi ✨💖✨

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