The Purpose of Shamanic Healers

Shamans are here to bridge the gap between the worlds. 

We are here as the bridge in consciousness. We live between the levels of consciousness to integrate consciousness into wholeness. 

The fundamental function of a Shaman is to heal, to bring balance and integration, to bring cohesion in life and to the lives of those within the community in which he serves. The secondary function is divination. The divination part is about bringing back information from the Spirit world, the non-ordinary world, to this ordinary world.

Shamans come in different shapes, genders, colors, sizes, and cultures, yet the main purpose remains the same. What a Shaman is remains the medicine man or woman of that community.

A Shaman’s first priority and duty is to serve the community. The amount of responsibility on a Shaman’s shoulders is huge. S/he will often literally feel as though the weight of the world is on his shoulders because his connection to the suffering of the world is so deep. His veins and the blood rushing through his veins will let him know that his work is needed. There will be a soft, and sometimes very loud call that he will hear when his services are required. 

The main purpose of a shaman is to serve his community in these and various other ways. His job is never done. When he transitions out of the human vessel another Shaman will be ready to take his place. A replacement is always required to serve the community. The new Shaman must take his place, which is due to the enormity of recent imbalances within this world. It will remain this way until the age of ultimate Truth, Sattva Yuga. 

Know this, anyone not willing or otherwise incapable to take on this huge responsibility is not a true Shaman. A Shaman’s sense of service and purity of heart is what sets him apart from the ones he is here to serve. He must hold strong courage and unwavering strength of character. That strength will serve his physical body as well so that his work can be achieved. He most definitely has immeasurable unseen support from the dimensions not perceived in this ordinary reality. You may call them angels or inter-dimensionals, these are the elemental forces that will lend their support to the true Shaman. 

The Shaman doesn’t have to ask for this help, guidance, or support because he is one with the realm of these forces. The Shaman doesn’t have to ask for protection or permission to do his duty because he is the bridge and an integrated part of the whole. 

The Shaman is a true alchemist and will be able to mix and blend at will. He is a creative asset for the community in which he serves. Many may not understand him because of his unconventional ways, and yet they will trust him. He is not here to fit into a mold. He is a leader to offer liberation for all who are fortunate enough to cross his path. 

You will feel immense love and divine Light emanating from this healer. It will be unmistakable to compare him with others that use his name. The miracles that he will facilitate will speak for themselves. Those who suffered throughout life will gain peace from the interaction with this bridge of consciousness. This healer is here to offer guidance and support, emotional and Spiritual healing, and transmutation of physical ailments and imbalances. 

The community should aim to take care of this Being of service because he is truly here for the benefit of all. In order to pay back for the great work being done in name of the world integration, the community can see that his physical needs in order to survive in this world are met. The energetic exchange has always been meant to be even. That fair exchange for his service is all that is required. No one is to worship or elevate this healer. He is, as you are, part of the whole.

Suzan Smadi ✨💖✨

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