Mrigashira New Moon/Solar Eclipse Seeks Better Future

Swift changes are here due to the eclipse energies. First we had the Anuradha Lunar eclipse two weeks ago. Now we have the Mrigashira Solar Eclipse bringing in lots of illumination on how to move forward to co-create a better future. What this means is that the time for honest communication is here. First and foremost, you must be honest with yourself and be authentic with your dealings as you move forward.

When the soul wishes to experience something she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.

~Meister Eckhart

Let’s break this down.

We have been building to this crescendo of energies, having their strong focus on the Mrigashira Nakshatra (lunar mansion). Sun (identity, spiritual consciousness, awareness), Moon (psyche, subconscious mind, emotions), and retrograde Mercury (intellect, communicative power, information processing) are all in this Nakshatra. These three key players are coming together to rework how we communicate our truth authentically to the world.

The following are the key questions that this eclipse crescendo is putting the focus on:

How do you express yourself? How do you express yourself in the world? Do you feel that your expression is being received and understood by others? Have you been repressing or suppressing vital information? Have you been missing opportunities of living your best life? How can you change that? Are you ready for a more authentic way of showing up? What would that look like? What would that feel like? Who is in your life now that you are co-creating this new expression with? Are these players really keepers? Have you been honest with these key players in your life? If not, now is the time to change that to really align fully.

Rahu (North Node of the Moon) is in Rohini Nakshatra, which is all about creation and creative expression. All of these energies are about beginning to co-create a better tomorrow. And the way to do that is by first being authentically honest through your communications and your actions.

Before one can be honest with others, one must be honest with self. This has been building up for some time now. The time to move forward wasn’t here until now. We had to clear up lots of confusion to get here. If you haven’t cleared up the confusion, now is the time to do it because it will be happening whether your ready of not. There is too much at stake to go backward now – the energies are propelling us all to move forward in an AUTHENTIC way.

Let’s go back a bit to understand what these Nakshatras are about. First of all, we must begin with the fact that the Nakshatras are always seen from the sidereal view since they are actual stars on the celestial belt. Sidereal actually means of the stars. Unlike the planetary bodies that have an observable rotation, these asterisms are fixed on the zodiacal belt. Mrigashira is symbolized by “The Deer’s Head” and it is known as the “Searching Star.” Isn’t it interesting that we are sort of contradicting ourselves when we call this star “searching” if it is fixed? We have to laugh at all the paradoxes that make up this life. The cosmic jokes are always available to be seen in this light-hearted way. That is an important attribute to this star because it is a combination of Venus, Mercury and Mars.

This asterism unites Taurus and Gemini, making it a balancing act between the Venusian earthy sensuality and the Mercurial airy intellectual pursuits. Mars is the ruling planet of this Nakshatra, giving it a forward outlook and impulse as well as a sense of vitality. It is highly charged when properly aroused. The arousal comes in due to the searching and seeking quality of the deer. There is an innocence and gentleness that is within Mrigashira, however, it can also be strong-willed and passionate. Remember it is a combination of the three energies coming from Venus, Mercury and Mars.

Before I go on and on about the intricacies of this Nakshatra, let me break it down in this way: it is full of good stuff (good juiciness). It’s highly motivated to find a sense of identity, true identity. It is highly regarded as a benevolent Nakshatra, possibly due to the symbolism of the deer and the combination of those three planets. This is where friends could become lovers. Mercury is known for its friendliness and diplomacy. Venus and Mars are both sensual and sexual. Let’s tie that up with a bow!

I also sense that there may be many pregnancies associated with this time period since both Rohini and Mrigashira are highly fertile and creative. If this eclipse is bringing a move of residence, it is definitely favored. The power of Mrigashira to give fulfillment and joy is most definitely welcomed after so much heartache and hardship. Keep things light and fun. Be authentic in your dealings. The power of Rohini is to make things grow and create. As you can tell by now (hopefully), this is a highly favorable time. This eclipse is bringing in a welcomed and long-awaited new chapter for us as a collective as well as for you personally.

The eclipse has at least a 6-month span, until the next one happens. That means that whatever you are building, build it within those 6 months to make it solid and functional for maximum prosperity and success. You could be in the process of creating a new relationship or redefining one that you are in, or a family, or a home, or a creative project, or a new job, or a new purpose – and so on.


  • Ask yourself those key questions and answer them honestly!
  • Journal. Use them as journal prompts to help with the materialization process.
  • Speak honestly and openly with the important people in your life to build more authentically and grow authentically. Did I mention how important being authentic is now???
  • You get more with honey than with vinegar. Keep things light-hearted. Review your thought patterns – if you haven’t already. Try doing “the work” by Byron Katie – great to rewire those pesky negative thought patterns. Loving What Is was my introduction to her method, which I highly recommend.

This eclipse is happening on June 10, 2021 at 3:52 am Pacific (6:52 am EST). Yes, very early morning hours for many of us in the United States.

To see what area this is affecting you, you have to look at your birth chart. I recommend the Cosmic Insights app. (I am an affiliate, which means I would receive a small commission on any membership that funnels through my link. However, if you just want to look at your chart no membership is required.)

If you’d like guidance during this moon cycle and eclipse, you can schedule a session with me here.

Suzan Smadi

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