UttaraBhadrapada Harvest Moon Reaps Sacred Connections

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Do you want prosperity and bliss?? Do you believe that you deserve prosperity and bliss? These are important questions to answer. If you do believe that you deserve these and desire them to be your experience, then you MUST embrace change. Be ready to take action in moving toward the direction that leads to your prosperity and bliss by letting go of anything obstructing that focal point.

The time for harvesting our relationships is here. Have you figured out who is a beneficial contact in your life yet? Or, are you still unsure? Who is there for you and has been there through thick and thin? With whom do you share a SPIRITUALLY INSPIRED Sacred Connection? There is no better time to harvest and take advantage of those beneficial (and TRUE) connections than now. In this instance, taking advantage is a mutually beneficial scenario. It is a give and take sort of energy; meaning that you get as much as you give. What can you do for those that have been there for you? What can you offer them for their continued support? Now is the time to take action and make your gratitude known to those that mean the most to you.

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Reap Rewards!

Once you make it clear that you are appreciative and that you have immense gratitude for these individuals, then you can (and will) experience the reaping of those rewards that you have been longing for. If you miss out on this golden opportunity of Grace, you will meet with more obstacles later when you try to reap those rewards. Anything beneficial that begins now is sure to expand and grow because the Full Moon is in Uttarabhadrapada. And, this is the Harvest Moon!

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Obstacles to FACE: FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real

One must have courage in the face of fear. After all, fear is just false evidence appearing real. And yes! It does FEEL real in the moment that we must face those fears. If it were easy to face fears, everyone would do it. It takes great courage to face those deeply emotionally tumultuous fears head on. If you haven’t noticed by now (and if you’re reading this, chances are you have noticed), FEAR is running rampant in the world at large.

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It’s like the Great Ocean has been stirred and all of the hidden unconscious fears and SHADOW aspects have been awakening within us and coming out with full raging force. They have been coming out into the open for us to reintegrate them as an opportunity to become more whole within ourselves. Will you run and hide? Or, will you face your fears head on? Are you that courageous to choose LOVE over fear? (Most people cave under this pressure. Will you? Hint: rely on the power of the SACRED within you, which is the TRUE source of courage.)

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UttaraBhadrapada & The Coiled Serpent

The Bhadrapadas are known for the deeply mystical essence that they are symbolic for having. They have an elusive manner. Some astrologers will see them in their light aspect and others in a more darkened way. In truth, they are neither one, but both as everything in this dualistic Universe is both dark and light. Some say that Uttarabhadrapada is the lighter aspect of the two. Let’s aim to approach this asterism in a balanced way. After all, this Nakshatra is known for its balanced state.

Uttara is known to mean after or later/above/higher/superior; Bhadra can mean lucky, blessed, auspicious or happy; Pada means feet (measurement). So regardless of whether we want to see the negative or positive of this Nakshatra, we know that it is highly connected to the Sacred and is always in search of a deeper meaning to its experience. This is where Spirit and Matter truly meet, as they are ONE and not separate. It is this Star Constellation that exemplifies the undivided UNION of both Spirit and Matter since one cannot be without the other. Spirit gives Life to Matter and Matter gives expression to Spirit. If it were not for the material realm, Spirit would not be able to EX-ist. Spirit requires a form to express and exist in the material realm. In Truth, ALL is SPIRIT. Thus, Spirit and Matter are ONE.

Uttarabhadrapada teaches us that we are here to bridge the opposites. They only appear to be opposing forces, yet one cannot be without the other, as they are both needed to be whole. The whole pie is only divided if we cut it into smaller pieces and yet ultimately they are all part of the same ONE.

The symbol for Uttarabhadrapada is the two legs of a bed, twins or snake in water. Esoterically, it truly symbolizes the Kundalini Śhakti, which is the power of giving and/or destroying life. Many people attempt to awaken this power that lies within the Muladhara chakra as “the coiled serpent” without it being ready, which ultimately destroys them because one cannot force this vital life power to awaken until one is sufficiently ready. In truth, this power that lies dormant within the DNA structure awakens a little with each successive life until the time comes that the physical body is able to handle the immense power contained within itself. If one attempts to rush this naturally occurring process, one usually loses life since the vehicles are not sufficiently ready – and the arising of this power can destroy others in the process too. Nature will not allow for this to happen because LIFE must prevail. That is an immutable Law. Since Life prevails, the Kundalini that is stirred before its time will break the host and shorten the life span of the host. (Since this is getting long, I’ll move on to finish the energy forecast.)

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Ahir Bhudhanya is the presiding deity over this Nakshatra. The Serpent God or Dragon of the Deep is connected to fertility and vitality of the Kundalini Energy. As connected with the primordial vital power of Kundalini, it is interested in getting to the truth of any and all matter, that which is of a deeply spiritual nature within matter. It is also interested in the foundations of what exists within the surface. It seeks within the depths of the unknown waters (unconscious). The true meaning is highly mystical and esoteric. (Ponder on this: “the end is the beginning.”)

These Stars are astronomically known as Pegasi and Alpha Andromeda. Uttarabhadrapada is known as the Warrior Star. There is a strong connection to Saturn as a wise elder chief and Shiva/Rudra. The power held within this asterism is one to bring stability and growth after making the commitment as the foundation.

This Harvest Full Moon in Uttarabhadrapada requires courage to face any inner demon that shows up as your fear being manifested. Remember that the only way to overcome those fears is to rely on that which is true – Sacred Connection to the Divine (however that looks for you). Focus on Love to get through the fear that will be coming up. You can see it as a test to see what you are capable of achieving as you slay your fears and reintegrate in LOVE-DIVINE.

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Commit to TRUTH.

Commit to Self-Knowledge.

Commit to Transformation through Love.

Remember that the only thing that is real is Love.

  • There is a lot of highly active mental energy being ramped up and most of that energy is focused in fear.
  • Not the best time for travel. If you must travel, prepare for obstacles as Mercury gets ready to retrograde, happening on September 27th, 2021.
  • Analyzing may be a good way to sort through the muck, yet you have to discern using your Higher Heart.
  • Connect with your High Heart by focusing on the breath and visualizing yourself as that which brings you Peace.
  • Breathe through the chaos. Have COURAGE to go deep into CHANGE! Take that action to GROW!
  • Social structures will continue to crumble. Remain centered in your Divine Nature.
  • Meditate through movement. This is a highly active energy.
  • Since there are many retrograde players, it’s a great time to reassess your growth.
  • There is still a strong focus on relationships and committing to the ones that are mutually beneficial. You want that person by your side as you face those inner demons – if that is your choice.
  • The darkest time comes before the dawn. Reach out for connection if you are feeling out of sorts. It’s okay to ask for support, which is another reason to choose your connections wisely based on the sacred pull.
  • LET GO of FEAR! Fears are obstacles to growth.
  • Are you ready? Have you taken that Inspired Action? Do it NOW!! These two weeks are greatly beneficial to begin that project or relationship/partnership.

Sacred Connections allow for mutual expansion. Those connections are based on mutual respect and Unconditional Love. Which are your Sacred Connections???

Monday, September 20, 2021 at 4:55 PM (7:55 PM EST)

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Note: I may qualify for commission if you choose to purchase from this affiliate link.

Allow the Bright Moonshine to Guide your way and bring you the Courage of the Sun and Mars that are conjunct opposite the Moon.

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