Hasta New Moon Creates intense Opportunity

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This New Moon is not like any other. It is not the best time to begin things from scratch or set intentions for growth (as is usually the case) based on the whole chart. What it is good for, however, is revisiting anything from the past to let it go or redo/begin anew. The intensity of this incoming month will feel like a rollercoaster for most. Do you like amusement parks? Are rollercoasters a thrill or a scary experience for you? This upside and inside out energy may leave you feeling excited and energized or depleted and exhausted…if it doesn’t drive you completely mad!

There is the indication for a lot of Karmic Connections coming to a natural conclusion – whether that is to begin a life as a Divine Partnership or end that karmic cycle. These relationships have deep roots to the past (past lives or ancestors). One thing is for sure: passions will be heightened all month. The Divine Partnership being created is based on conscious evolution. You can have a karmic partner be a Divine Partner once both have evolved to a higher level in consciousness. The way that the energies are supporting this shift is by bringing old wounds to the surface to be healed.

All of this indicates that there is a good chance for all types of triggers being in the mix. Just remember that when you are triggered, STOP. Step back, take a break and breathe, observe, process, and then, proceed to respond. Instead of automatically reacting to the trigger, you do have the chance to grow within yourself and release the tie to the old wound that the trigger is poking within you. Will you be reactive when triggered this month? Or, will you rise to a higher level within yourself? The choice, as always, is yours!


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Why is the intensity here? The conjunction between Sun, Moon and Mars is a dynamo! This dynamic (perhaps explosive) mix is sure to fire things in all directions in the collective as well as in your personal life. How you react or RESPOND will be the difference in how this month unfolds for you, and how it leads to the creation of your new future. Remember that all of your choices have a direct effect on the future that you create for yourself. Knowing the energies ahead of time is beneficial only if you use it to improve your life (and that of the world).

A good rule of thumb is: the more reactive you are the less in control you are of your own consciousness. Be aware of your choices. CHOOSE with your eyes wide open!

~Suzan Smadi
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Okay, so all three of these major players (Sun, Moon, Mars) will be in HASTA. Let’s break down what this implies. Hasta is about taking one’s destiny into one’s hand, as is symbolized by its main symbol of a hand. Ancients also used the hand as a symbol for the Sun and the Sun, we know, is the creative principle. The Sun is what gives life to the organisms of this world. Can you imagine what would happen if our Sun disappeared? We would not survive without the creative power that is brought forth by the Sun.

The Sun is also our consciousness. It is the power of the Sun that illuminates the world and allows us to have light to see what’s around us…and within us if we use the reflective essence of the Moon. Mars gives vital energy and the will to act with a driving force to achieve. When highly functioning, Mars is the protective principle. The opposite of this highly functioning Mars turns to aggression and a thirst for conquering the uncharted territories (by any means necessary).

Hasta is highly energetic and high achieving in all types of business enterprises. It also has the capability and ability to manifest great material prosperity. To understand the Nakshatra Hasta, one must contemplate both the Moon and Mercury, as these are the predominant energies active within this asterism.  The interplay between Moon and Mercury makes Hasta the lighthearted, astute, sarcastic business mogul who loves satire. The lightness of heart is what the Great Buddha revealed to the world. If we resist the flow of life, of Nature, then we stump our own growth and become overwhelmed with the heaviness of illusions. Alternatively, if we allow Grace to flow into our light heart, we open the Gates of Abundance. Hasta knows this secret and uses it to create opportunities for growth.

The opportunity for growth is definitely here. It is available for you if you choose to master your emotional state. This month has the potential to give massive rewards later if one plays the cards that are dealt with discernment and an open heart.

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  • Emotions are running HIGH all month.
  • Anxieties are provoked and mental health is at stake.
  • Fears are creeping up to be loved through integration.
  • Buy what you need, not what you want.
  • Use discernment throughout this month, especially.
  • Release past trauma; there’s no better time than now.
  • Consciously integrate and heal from the inside out.
  • High intensity that makes sharp twists throughout the lunar month…finding a release point at the Full Moon may be the cathartic point needed to achieve great success.
  • This is a last push for healing and raising awareness before the retrograde planets begins stationing direct. The pressure cooker needs a release. What can be your release valve?
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 4:05 AM PST (7:05 AM EST)

To see in which specific area this transit is effecting your chart, you have to study your D1 and D9. I recommend the Cosmic Insights app. (I am an affiliate, which means I would receive a small commission on any membership that funnels through my link. However, if you just want to look at your chart no membership is required.)

If you’d like guidance during this moon cycle or in general, you can schedule a session with me here. I always look forward to connecting with you!

Suzan Smadi

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