Astrology Fusion: The Holy Trinity

We are now delving deeper into the fundamental depths of Astrology Fusion. As we fuse together various concepts, we become aware of the alchemical process that is always happening. As above, so below; as within, so without. We are the microcosm of the macrocosm. This alchemical process shows us that we are in a constant state of Becoming. To read more about the philosophy of this journey, read it here in the introduction.

The Holy Trinity

Ascendant or Rising sign (Lagna): This is so important to have because it sets the stage for the house system. Without this, our understanding is very limited due to not having that house pattern layout. This is what brings space and time together. That is how this pattern is created. The time of birth, when we take in our first breath, is what is needed to ascertain the Ascendant (Lagna). This will rule our chart. Not only does it provide the interchange of time relative to space, but also its lord will give us much more information. The lord is the ruling planet of the sign in which the Rising falls into.

This deals with our sense of identity in a big way since it is the first house. It also holds a lot of information that pertains with our looks, preferences, attitudes, and health. This house and sign (especially by the lunar mansion) gives us a clear picture of which characteristics we are to portray in this lifetime. Some say that this is the mask we wear, however, it is much more personal. In fact, this is a very sensitive area for us because it is an aspect that we will have to come to terms with throughout our life and become intimately connected with even though we may feel uncomfortable in its skin.

Moon (Chandra): This is the archetype of the mother and the Mind (Manas). This is the next very important aspect to understand because it holds information about our subconscious Mind and emotions. The moon’s symbol gives us the rich detail that we may lack understanding of if we are concentrating on the aspect of our conscious ego. She is the reflection of the outer expressions that the Sun provides. We know the ego because it is how we express our will to the people around us. The Mind, however, is the backdrop of the why, how, when, and what that is all happening deep within our unconscious self. Moon is what is beneath the surface layer, what is deep within the ocean of our Soul and she is the container for that expression.

Sun (Surya): This archetype represents our father figure and the outer Soul expression (or Spirit). It is the aspect that gives Spirit and animates our ego. Thus, it is the expression of our ego and our “will” that is actually being influenced by the Moon (Mind). The Sun is our outward expression and consciousness. That means that it is our awakened awareness. Without the brightness of the Sun, we would not be able to manifest our Mind in this physical reality. Sun is the tip of the iceberg in our awakened consciousness.

This means that the Sun and Moon are very interlinked. On a physical level this concept also aligns since the sperm requires meeting an egg in order to conceive another form. We are in this incarnation highly due to the energies that are on a surface level seeming opposite. As such, we must honor both and understand that the polar opposites are equally needed. Another form only comes after the equal blend of the polarized opposites conjoins. This is the alchemical process. We manifest reality through Alchemy on both a subtle level as well as a physical one.

Adding Other Layers

After taking note of “The Holy Trinity,” we then look at the Ascendant Lord. This is a major player in our game. The Lord is the planet that rules over our chart. Depending on the dignity and strength, we gain a better understanding of the quality of the chart as a whole. This is a deeper layer, after which we move into absorbing the information indicated by the other layers. As we add the major players in the stage of the birth chart, we gain clarity by refining the different areas of life.

Once we have analyzed the fundamental basics mentioned above, we take in another layer of information. We begin to notice the other personal planets: Mercury, Mars, and Venus. Then we move on to adding Jupiter and Saturn. The last layer comes in once we understand where the North and South Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) are and what their purpose is in the design of our life. And, finally we look at the generational (newer) outer planetary bodies: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The signs in which the planetary bodies fall into will color the worldview of them. The zodiacal signs are like different colored sunglasses from which each planetary body will view the others and its environment. Then we will add the Nakshatras (lunar mansions or asterisms), which will further refine the views. If you know anything about astrology, you will now realize that we are blending both Eastern (Vedic) and Western (Tropical). This may confuse some, but throughout these articles we will see how the two systems can be successfully integrated.

This is only to get our feet wet. As you can see, there is much more that has to be discussed. Watch out for other articles that will give further information on the different planetary bodies and how they affect the pattern of life. This is just a taste of the richness available to enjoy if we immerse ourselves into the world of astrology.

Suzan Smadi ✨💖✨

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