Astrology Fusion: An Introduction

As an astrologer, and a forever astrology enthusiast, I have devoted my time and energy to learning what each archetype means. The devotion that I hold for the stars and otherworldly forms is eternal. Although I began my exploration in the West, I have since ventured into the deeply rich and ancient East. After all, this divine knowledge actually originated in the East. Here is a caveat though; East and West are mere concepts that have a polarization effect. In fact the concept is completely relative to another point in space to compare them. That point is (and will forever remain) in the center. As our heart takes this center stage, we merge the opposites and come into a true harmonic balance. This fusion is that harmonic convergence.

Whenever we aim to understand ourselves better, we must first come to understand that the concepts that we have programmed inside of us are all relative. Our learning comes through various programs. We learn through programing the brain to perceive and categorize. We learn to differentiate red from blue and then continue to separate all of the colors in the spectrum. In truth, everything has a meaning because we, as the observer, give it that meaning. We give it that meaning based on our conditioning. Our mind is full of schemas and images. If it were not for the human consciousness and its various programs, everything would just exist revolving around cycles.

This is great news because we can add to the programs with innovative new views. We can derive from the past concepts and expand upon them; this brings a more holistic understanding for those that come after we have perished. As predecessors have left for us clues, we do the same for the next generations. That is what evolution entails. These explorations and innovations are a fun way to be fully present in the evolutionary cycle.

As an introduction to this Sacred Science, the following is a quick synopsis of the first layer in astrology. When we first look at a birth chart, whether tropical or sidereal, we take notice of the ascendant, sun, and moon. I call this “The Holy Trinity.” This basic layer will give us the principal information about the native’s life pattern. The person has designed this lifetime in a perfect way for his/her evolution and we can notice this through reading the birth chart. 

Another way to understand astrology is by realizing that this science is one that incorporates art. Via the creative and intuitive mind, we derive meaning while analyzing the various patterns within charts. The patterns are not only indicative of the psychology of the natives, but also about their karmic path. A person is not just an eyeball, so to think that the person is just his/her sun sign is extremely incomplete. We are the sum total of all of the various parts. Everyone has specific patterns that make up their blueprint. The chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment of birth.

Next week, we will explore “The Holy Trinity” as it relates to understanding our sacred blueprint. This short introduction gives the fundamental philosophy behind this new series. Expect to delve deeper into the different aspects that make up our life blueprint. Then you can begin to explore how these aspects impact you on a personal level. This is the first step in uncovering the hidden treasures that are submerged within our psyche.

Suzan Smadi ✨💖✨

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