Astrology Fusion: The Teaching Karmic Wheel

This is the fourth article in the Astrology Fusion series. We have looked at the philosophy of this quest, the Holy Trinity that sets the stage, and the personal planets of creation. This article looks at the the outer planets, which are slower moving and create more of a karmic imprint on our birth chart and life. These outer planets are the main teachers in this lifetime. The Karmic wheel can be understood through studying how the major players are interacting with each other, especially when these outer-planets are involved.

Karma is a Sanskrit word that translates to action. Vedic wisdom teaches that there are different types of Karmas. The four main types of Karmas are:

  • Sanchita Karma is the sum total of all Karmas from past and future – it is the complete bank account of actions, deeds, thoughts and words known and unknown.
  • Prarabdha Karma are the Karmas taken from Sanchita (bank account) that are ripe and ready to be experienced in this lifetime, some call this effect destiny or fate, these are current withdrawal from our account.
  • Kriyamana Karma are the Karmas (actions, words, thoughts) taken now based on our free will, these are our current deposits to our Sanchita account, which will be experienced in a future lifetime.
  • Agama Karma is the contemplation before taking that action (i.e. envisioning through tools such as vision boards). Agama and Kriyamana are interlinked.

Slower Moving Outer Bodies

Jupiter (Guru/Brihaspati): This is the happy go-lucky wise teacher. This is the type of teacher that will dress up as a clown or jump up on the desk to make a point and make it fun. Jupiter is the jovial one who gives blessings and expands our awareness. Jupiter is the Greek god Zeus, the king god of the gods. He is the great counselor and advisor to the kingdom. His word matters a lot to those that hear it. His aim is to uphold moral values, ethics, philosophies and higher education. Jupiter also signifies a husband in a female’s chart.

Saturn (Śani): Saturn is one of the most feared of the main players. The fact is that Saturn is extremely wise just like Jupiter; however, they express their wisdom differently. Saturn will be the mostly-hard-to-please professor who may seem uptight in his approach. He is very conservative and even pessimistic in his approach feeling as though there is no use teaching, and yet he will teach. Where Saturn sits or aspects, we will have hard lessons to learn. The ease or challenge truly depends on us. The lessons are only hard depending on how we maneuver them. Saturn symbolizes delays, time, karma, slowness, shrewdness, boundaries, sorrow, and also longevity and commitment. In fact, Saturn is ultimate Truth…the kind of truth that is in your face and you can’t hide from it.

Lunar Nodes or Shadow Planets

These are considered shadow planets because they don’t actually have a visible body. Instead they are mathematical points in the ecliptic, showing us where and when the eclipses happen. In order to appreciate their essence, we have been told stories about their existence. They are truly one being that got divided into two. The story tells of a demon (asura) that wanted immortality and so he drank from the sacred nectar (amrita) of the gods to become immortal. Vishnu was alerted too late since the demon posing as a god had already ingested the nectar so in one swift movement of his disc, severed the head (Rahu) from the serpent’s tale (Ketu). Both of these are indicators of foreigners or foreign elements.

North Node (Rahu): Rahu is the indicator for our obsessions and compulsions. Wherever in the chart this aspect is in will let us know where the Soul wants to focus the energy since this is what we come to master in this lifetime. Due to this being a head, we can see it as an arrow; however, it lacks the knowledge of how to shoot the arrow because it is missing its bow (the body).

Rahu symbolizes poisons, drugs, addiction, unconventionality, and sudden changes. This is sometimes known as the area where we have a lot of confusion and need plenty of clarification. It also indicates our fears. In that sense, there is a close connection with Uranus and Saturn. The interconnection with both Uranus and Saturn is suggested by some esoteric teachings saying that Rahu is the co-ruler of Aquarius.

South Node (Ketu): This is what we have mastered in previous lives; therefore, it is our comfort zone. We tend to fall back into the patterns of this aspect since it is what we know so well. We are usually quite comfortable with the things that are symbolized where Ketu sits in our chart. Ketu is also very well known for liberation (moksha). Liberation in the positive side means spirituality and things that are not of this physical world; since it takes Ketu to liberate us from the unreal. This is also seen as being cut off from the things that it impacts; however, it only cuts things that are unreal and not things that are meant to challenge us within our evolution. It is connected to Pluto and Mars.

We will explore the Neo “Higher Octave” outer planets in the next article. We will also go deeper into each of these players in future articles. This is the basic introduction to these players.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and share!

Suzan Smadi✨💖✨

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