Big Churn: Emotional Upheaval and Turmoil

The Light of Truth will outshine the darkness of fears. ~Suzan Smadi

What is going on with these intense emotions lately? You know that feeling, don’t you? That feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed and completely lost and paralyzed…wait, that is not ONE feeling, but a multitude of what I usually consider negative feels. Yes, all of these intense feelings are coming up now for a release. The thing is that there is more to those feelings; they are all lazed with a paralyzing fear. The fear that has always managed to be kept in the down low has evolved to the greatest demon ever encountered.

Each and every time that we refuse to deal with a negative emotion, we put it in a dark closet within our mind space. Eventually, that closet space will be so jam-packed with crap that we have been avoiding to handle that one more thing, no matter how small it seems, will make the mountain of yucky sludge come crashing down. The mind closet will vomit and regurgitate the immense monster that was inadvertently created by the habitual procrastination and refusal to deal. This is what happens when Rahu and Mars begin to move closer together.

Rahu is the Sanskrit term for the North Node of the moon. We can consider it as a wannabe Sun. Yes, it is an illusionary Sun. Why is it illusionary? Because it actually does not exist in this physical reality. It is a figment of our imagination; it is our compulsions and obsessions coming to life. Rahu, who is the Serpent’s head according to Vedic stories, represents our biggest and deepest fears. Those fears are in contrast to our biggest and deepest desires. The desires and fears are very much interconnected.

Everyone will experience this conjunction differently and it is dependent on the individual’s chart. The energies spoken about here is for the collective experience. Look at your own birth chart to see how this will play out for you specifically. See what house it is in so you can understand what area of your life this will be emphasizing.

Mars is the heavenly body that is connected with our vitality and pure forward-moving energy. It is the call to action, which if maladaptive may be experienced as aggression and impulse for violence. It is connected with Aries, the ancient archetype of the Warrior. The best remedy for an overactive Mars is to make positive use of the strong impulsive and instinctive energy (such as physical exercise, dancing, martial arts, etc.) or the energy will run your mind wild. This is what happens right before we get into accidents since the mind is usually in a scattered way as the accident happens.

The energy as it is now is about creation and creative potential. This energy is highly creative since it is within Rohini Nakshatra. The issue that I see with this as this creative energy is combining with the Mars and Rahu energies is its high potency. That creative potency is very much tied with raw desires – and those desires are tied with FEARS.


Fear is false evidence appearing real. This is something to contemplate on and perhaps use as a journaling prompt. What false evidence is appearing real to you right now? How can you change that perspective? There are always at least two ways to see something; in truth, there are limitless ways to see what we see. Perceptions are the key here. The fear of a snake coming after us when in actuality it is nothing but a rope makes us irrational. The evidence that we believe to be real or true is actually FALSE. The fear is what propels that false perspective to live. This is how we create our own demons or monsters. All of the shadows are coming up for us to see them as a part of the truth, but not the ONLY truth.

We have to take our power back as these energies are amplifying the need for us to release FALSE perceptions. We have to build our individual courage and rise up to the occasion that is presenting with these astrological alignments. The time to face our fears and step into them is here now so we can see the reality that we have falsely believed to be true for so long. It is time to dismantle the FALSE beliefs. Have COURAGE and walk through those fears. Love the fears for they are presenting an opportunity to grow.

We can grow to know what is truly real. LOVE. CONSCIOUSNESS. That is what is truly real and anything else is an illusion that pretends to be real.

The Big Churn of our EMOTIONAL TURMOIL is here for us to know True LOVE.

The conjunction is exact on March 26th with a stretch of March 22nd-30th as the most intense days. Pranayama (breath-work) is very important to get through these days of emotional upheaval. Remember to BREATHE!!!

Om Shanti 🕉

Suzan Smadi

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