Hasta Full Moon Triggers Shadow Work

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This last Full Moon set in motion opportunity for tons of healing. If you have been triggered within the past week, know that it has been prompted by this powerful Full Moon in Hasta Nakshatra. Let’s break it down so that you too can optimize on the healing energies that are available now.

Hasta is the star constellation that is ruled by the moon. As such, it is what I like to call a double whammy. That means that Hasta is all about EMOTIONS! Although it is intensely emotional, it also prompts us to work with our higher thinking. By developing our critical thinking skills and higher mind, we optimize on both the healing it offers AND clear out misconceptions or delusions that have been ingrained within our psyche.

The caution here is to watch your lower ego. That aspect of us that says we are separate, or special because of having a specific skill or personality trait or whatever, comes out especially when triggered. The triggers are showing up so that we can do some Shadow Work. If we do this inner work, we get a better sense of where we are in our individual journey.


Hasta’s symbol is the hand. However, it can also take the form of a fist. The fact that when we are angry, we automatically clench our fists is indicative of the need to do that inner work. If we pay attention to our physical body’s cues, then we can get much out of that awareness. With that awareness, we can choose to improve ourselves. The fist is a signal that we have been triggered.

What was triggered? Anger is masked pain. If we do not face that pain that is so deeply ingrained, we don’t release it and we prevent ourselves from growing/evolving. It is also a signal to heal from the past things (or people) that bind us. Without doing the Shadow Work, we miss out on this call to heal. Then we will not be open to receiving our blessings, which come from opening to new opportunities.

Since the true symbol is that of a hand, we know that it is truly in our hands. It is our choice whether we succumb to the old ego-based patterns or rise to taking hold of our destiny. Once we choose to heal and move past the old programming, we allow abundance in love and wealth. It’s interesting to note that Hasta’s motivation is liberation.

The energy as a whole is pretty grim because it wants us to take initiative to overcome the binding chains of past entanglements. The mind is the part of us that is highlighted here. If we want to receive the fruits of our blessed destiny, we must heed the opportunity to breakthrough the chains. The opportunity to master our life comes from understanding and controlling our ego-driven mind. The higher mind is clear of the clutter. The shadow work allows us to clear that clutter and activate our higher mind. In contrast, the higher mind is peaceful and calm.

The area where this is showing up now is in relationships. The Sun and Venus conjunction opposite the Hasta Moon is indicative of the triggers being tied to relationships – mostly romantic, but also familial and even platonic or professional can be highlighted at this time. If we look ahead to the new Moon in Revati, we can clearly see that there is a lot of idealism coming up to be cleared now. In order to bring more harmony to our relationships, we must stop being so idealistic and see them in the clear of day. Let the shadow lift by asking pointed questions in regards to this connection. It is time to let the Light shine through the deem illusions. The fact that this connection may or may not be the one that the lower ego-mind has created will be easily faced now.

Some helpful questions to explore: (I invite you to use them as journal prompts.)
Is this relationship serving the highest outcome?
How is this relationship serving me?
Is it in my power to improve this relationship and if so, how?
How is my communication affecting this relationship? 
How could I improve the way that I communicate?
Is it time to let go of the past hurts that this relationship has manifested?
What ways could I move through this?
How could I break through this karmic bond?


  • Past relationship drama and trauma coming up now to be released and healed.
  • It’s time to create better relations with everyone in your life.
  • It’s time to realize and heal idealism – then a truly spiritual bond can be formed.
  • It’s time to release the past.
  • It’s time to open to new channels of communicating and relating.
  • It’s time to open to new and improved relationships.
  • Take the reigns of your emotions and mind.
  • Develop your higher self union.

I would love to hear from you about how this moon cycle has impacted you. After doing some of my own shadow work, I feel clearer as to how to move forward. Shadow work may not be easy, but it is ultimately very rewarding! Check out my video on Shadow Work.

As always, may this cycle benefit you and your evolution/involution!

Suzan Smadi

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