Uttarashadha Full Moon Guarantees Final Victory

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We are still working with a lot of energy that relates to relationships and partnerships of all kind – especially the life partner, path companion and ‘true’ mutually beneficent kind of union. When the moon is full it is opposite the Sun and is the brightest reflection of those life-sustaining good rays. As such, full moons symbolize clarity of mind and purpose. Perhaps by now, you are having a clearer view of where you are heading and with whom you are to partner with on this Life journey.

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Soul Tribes are coming into Union. This is the energy that is suggestive that you are meeting with your Soul Tribe, finally. The more space that you have previously cleared, the more space you have available for your true Soul family. The pieces of the Great Puzzle are coming into harmonic cohesion, and union. This energy is great to observe how the pieces of the puzzle just fall into place. A big reshuffling has been underway for the past few years for this to happen now.

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At the moment of this full moon in the Uttarashadha asterism, we have the moon in the first house of identity and self-projection (how we project into our world). Whereas, the Sun in Pushya nakshatra is in the 7th house of partnerships and relationships, brining clarity to this area. More than that, the Sun is aspecting the moon in the first, giving us a spotlight to how we perceive ourselves in relation to being in a partnership. Pushya is a nurturing influence and loves to nourish those dearly loved ones. While the moon is in Uttarashadha, we are asked to focus on our needs instead of our ego wants because that is what it will take for final victory to be achieved.

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When we focus on our needs, we get clear on what is unnecessary in our life. We actually purge what is no longer needed or necessary. “Take only what you need and want nothing else” could be a helpful affirmation to retrain ourselves from the wasteful experience that has been so prevalent in our time. The interesting phenomenon that happens when we focus on only satisfying our needs is that the Universe then overflows and showers us with those things that we don’t really have a pull to get anymore since they are not a need. [I love these types of paradoxical phenomena. 😉 ]

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This is a great time to initiate activities, relationships, partnerships, contracts, creative pursuits, purchasing a home and looking for ways that you can increase your worth. After all, the true desire of this asterism is to gain victory that can never be lost. It is known for the meaning of “Second Invincible One” or “The Latter Undefeated” or “Later Victory,” which all point toward the power to gain final and permanent victory.

The main symbol for Uttarashadha is an elephant’s tusk so there is a close tie between this nakshatra and Ganesha (otherwise known as the remover of obstacles or Lord of Beginnings). As you can probably sense by now, this is a highly auspicious asterism.

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“The Universal Star” known as Uttarashadha is a very powerful and good nakshatra. The Ten Vishwedevas are the deities associated with it. Vishwedevas means the ten Universal Gods that are named as the following aspects of expression: Goodness, Truth, Willpower, Skill, Time, Desire, Firmness, Ancestors, Brightness, and Peak. These are the prime benevolent expressions and virtues of the original Divine Creative Spark. Anyone with a strong focus on this nakshatra in his or her personal birth horoscope (natal chart) is prone to have these qualities prominent and is in a sense a guardian of these virtues.

There is also a strong attachment associated with traditions and traditional views are highly focused in this nakshatra based on the connection to the ancestors and other beneficent virtues. It is definitely quite virtuous and victorious, although probably with some delay (since time also is a focal point here).

Uttara means after or later, whereas purva means prior or before. This asterism is the conclusion to the previous one called Purvashadha, and as part of a set, has that strong link with partnerships or one half of a whole. It always makes me think of twins. If you have any of the nakshatras that have two parts to them (Purvaphalguni & Uttaraphalguni, Purvashadha & Uttarashadha, Purvabhadrapada & Uttarabhadrapada) then there is a connection to twins, or having a strong focus on partnering with another (business/pleasure/both).

This asterism also has a very strong character and can even be destructive because of the connection with Shiva, who dissolves what is not authentic. The inauthenticity has to be destroyed or dissolved in order for a clean space to be available in which to rebuild something truly authentic. This means that there may be hard lessons around letting go of the ego wants/desires in order for the Soul to have a clear avenue in which to co-create an authentic structure for the collective to benefit. It is not about the little ego, it is about the Higher Humanity or Divinity. So, the little ego has to in a sense die for the birth of a Higher Purpose to be fulfilled. This is a strongly humanitarian and even philanthropic asterism.

Finally, this asterism is ruled by none other than the Sun, the King of the Castle. There is a feeling of regality; and as a regal royal, one also holds a lot of creative potential and power. Manifesting power is the name of the game with this asterism. Just remember to take inspired ACTION!!!

Friday, July 23, 2021 at 7:37 PM Pacific (10:37 PM EST) is when the Moon in Uttarashadha is at its exact opposition point from the Sun. During this hour the energy is most potent for self-reflection. Journal as well as mirror work is highly encouraged. You can work with these energies all throughout the lunar cycle.

Friday, July 23, 2021 at 7:37 PM Pacific (10:37 PM EST)

Key points to notice in this full moon chart:

  • Venus and Mars are both in Magha (Ancestors/tradition) in the 8th house of intimacy and occult power. Traditionally Venus and Mars are the anima and animus symbol of the feminine and masculine aspects within us. They are joined in this sexy and intimately powerful house…how cozy!!! Great to delve deep into any occult venture, whether that is psychology, astrology, divination, politics, other people’s resources…I think you get the idea.
  • Mercury (mental processing and communication) is in Punarvasu (good again) in the 6th house of daily activity or work routine. It is happy here, which means that the energy of strong focus is available to charge ahead in the areas of communication, learning/processing, health and habits.
  • Rahu is in Rohini (beautifully creative) in the 5th house (romance, creativity). This is what is called a double whammy! Take advantage of this energy! While Ketu is in Anuradha (devotional success) in the 11th, which may lead to being highly intuitive especially getting intuitive information that comes through social circles (friends).
  • Uranus is in Bharani (control and restriction) in the 4th house, which may lead to unexpected changes within the inner psychology or it can play out in the outer form of the home. Some may be looking to unexpectedly move residence now. The move will be beneficial if you decide to do the relocation. It can also indicate any movement of furniture inside the home will bring a beneficial shift in the overall energy. Follow the scent of beauty to bring maximum success. Using essential oils in the home is highly advisable with this energy to amplify and purify the environment.  This will lead to success at home and in the career sector.
  • Jupiter retrograde in Dhanishtha (harmonious melody or beat) in the 2nd house of speech and food intake – and personal resources, it may be a good idea to play some calming or high beat music during cooking and eating time. Also pay attention to the tone of your voice when you are speaking so that you can get more acquainted with your own energy. Is that how you wish to be received? Are you using the best tone?
  • Neptune retrograde is in Purvabhadrapada (scorching swords) in the 2nd house…see above. This is why it’s important to watch our vocal tone when we speak. This is leading to higher spiritual awareness.
  • Saturn retrograde in Shravana (deep listening) is in the 1st along with the full Moon and Pluto retrograde both in Uttarashadha suggests that there’s a lot of energy directed toward how we are projecting our image into the world especially in our relationships. How we relate to people is being highlighted and now is the time that is mostly supported if we wish to make any changes, especially as it relates to being more authentic in our dealings and connections with others.

To see what area this is affecting you, you have to look at your birth chart. I recommend the Cosmic Insights app. (I am an affiliate, which means I would receive a small commission on any membership that funnels through my link. However, if you just want to look at your chart no membership is required.)

If you’d like guidance during this moon cycle or in general, you can schedule a session with me here. I always look forward to connecting with you!

Suzan Smadi

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