Full Moon in Pushya Offers Healing Rewards

On January 28, 2021 at 11:16 AM PST (2:16 PM EST), the moon will be in Pushya Nakshatra (asterism) opposite the Sun in Shravana Nakshatra. This speaks of major healing being available at this time. Listening intently will help in achieving this healing. Tend to the inner core of any situation that is requiring or asking for your attention because that is what is being highlighted at this time!

The full moon is a time of exploring our emotions because during full and new moons, our emotions get intensified. Our mind is highlighted during these shifts. Is our mind strong or weak? In order to answer this, we have to pay attention and be aware.

Let’s break this whole thing down to understand it better.


Pushya Nakshatra is all about nourishment and nurturing. It is like a mother who is tending to her newborn. The newborn needs extra attention because it feels lonely and separate from the home it was accustomed to while being in the womb. The womb was comforting and warm. Now the baby is struggling since he has a lot more space to roam; he is lacking security and the stability that he once knew from being in the mother’s womb. The protection is gone and now the baby is left feeling vulnerable. The mother now has to divide her attention between life and her new baby. It is difficult for her to find that balance, yet she is so full of love for her baby that all she wants to do is to bond and protect her young. Her focus is on nourishing and nurturing her baby. This is the time of deep bonding and learning how to manage the new responsibility. So as you can see from this example, this Nakshatra is a highly sensitive one and one that offers lots of reward!

Pushya is in Cancer, which is a water sign and highly sensitive because it is essentially emotional. The moon rules Cancer so the moon is very strong in this sign. Mind and emotions take center stage. It makes us extra emotional and we may feel our emotions intensely, yet if we hold on too tightly to the emotion, it will end up suffocating us (or others). Emotions are naturally energy that wants to change. We can allow the emotional tides to ebb and flow instead of trying to control that which cannot be controlled. Being mindful that emotions change means that we don’t have to suffer – emotions shift constantly. They are fleeting moments of intense energy that is directed at helping us become aware. Awareness is the key here. This is why the sign of Cancer is said to be intuitive; it is the awareness that allows for intuition to develop.


Shravana Nakshatra is about deep listening and learning. They say that the best teachers are those who can take difficult concepts and make them easily digestible. How do we digest food? It all starts in the mouth. This means that we listen in order to respond with our speech. Talking just to fill the silence is pointless. Speaking from the heart requires us to pay absolute attention to everything that isn’t being said. Listening with this intensity requires us to pay attention! That is why we hear that meditation helps…it is because it allows us a time to listen.  

Shravana is in Capricorn, which is about structure and duty. It is an earth sign so it provides manifestation. It works slowly and meticulously in order to build a solid base for growth to manifest. The earth has to have nourished soil in order to grow our food. It is a true process of achieving the right environment for growth to be stable and fruitful. This sign is capable of giving HUGE rewards with diligent patience. It is part of the Karma that we are working to unravel in this lifetime. In order for the huge rewards to be experienced, we must first do our duty. Karma is such that we must pay our debts to society in order to reap the sow that we have sown. The harvest always comes AFTER the ground has produced the fruits from the seeds that were cultivated and meticulously nourished. Manifestation happens as a result from the right amount of water mixing with the right amount of earth.

In Vedic Astrology, we use divisional charts (harmonics). So, let’s see what happens with these luminaries (sun and moon) in the Navamsha (9th harmonic).

Anuradha in Scorpio

The moon goes to Anuradha Nakshatra in the Navamsha. What this means is that there is success available for us if we manage our emotions and use what they are teaching us constructively. Anuradha is called the Star of Success because it will give that success we are seeking if we allow our spark to shine. In order for our spark to shine, we first must become aware of our spark being there in the first place. Intuition grows from this spark and allowing that spark to shine!

Rohini in Taurus

The sun goes into Rohini Nakshatra in Taurus. Again, this reinforces the idea of manifestation because Rohini is all about creation. What are we creating? We get a clue of that which is being created if we pay attention to our thoughts, feelings and actions. We are responsible for the experience that we have because it is always an inside out job. If we allow our shadows to take over our creation, we end up living a nightmare; however, if we cultivate “good” thoughts and actions, we benefit from experiencing Heaven on Earth.

Philosophy helps us in knowing good and bad because it is essentially a study of morality. Maybe if we put our focus in learning what we find morally acceptable or not, we can gain some insight as to what we are inevitably creating.

Om Shanti 🕉

Suzan Smadi

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