Krittika New Moon Reforms the Future

This new moon in Krittika Nakshatra is all about reforming how we show up in the world. The public image that we have is tied in with our childhood and the nurturing (or lack thereof) that we received.

Perhaps you had a role model that you are trying to emulate or your parent wanted you to be a certain way and that shaped how you show up in the world today. Well, this is the time to take a closer look and inventory on the mask that you wear in the outside world. Is it how you wish to be seen? Is it who (and how) you truly are? For the next couple of weeks a lot will come up in regards to these questions.

When the moon is “new” the sun is with it, which means it’s a good time to become aware of our hidden aspects. The Sun’s brightness will shine its light to the darkest of crevices within the psyche. It’s a good time to reassess how we show up in the world; and because they are both hanging out within 10 degrees of Uranus, they both get a doze and boost of the great revolution energy. 

It is not the best time to take “forward” action. It will be once the reassessment leads to a deeper understanding and clears the path of the reformation that is available at this time. This process may take up to when the moon is full again or a whole lunar cycle. So that when the next new moon rolls around, you will be ready to take those steps with clarity and gusto.

The areas of our dreams and ambitions and our social networks are also being highlighted now. Notice if your networks are helpful to fulfilling those dreams and ambitions or if they are hindering that achievement.

Are your friends sharing in your dreams? Are they cheerleaders or doomsayers? An inventory of who you are keeping in your social circle will be helpful as you see how your image reformation will be either helped or hindered by those that you keep close.

Remember that the only constant is change.

If you are not changing, you are not growing. Stagnation leads to depression. Think of a pond of stagnating water. Then think of a river that has a nice flow. Which water will you choose to drink from? Will you choose the one that has more of a potential to make you sick or the one that will quench your thirst?

If those “friends” are not helping you and adding to your joy, then perhaps it’s time to walk away or at least to give it space. Sometimes when a relationship stagnates, the only way to revive it is by giving it space to breathe. If the relationship endures that space, it will actually improve it because it allows the energy to move. The value of a relationship is actually observed when there is space and time for reflection.

This reformation is highly due to the moon and sun being in Krittika. Some people say that it makes us more critical when this happens. I like to think of it as the ax that cuts through the unattended weeds. Once the weeds are trimmed, then flowers can come into full bloom. The splendor of the spring growth can only truly be admired in a kept garden; otherwise, the weeds will dull the beauty.

It’s time to see what is adding to your growth and shine. That is something to nurture. The things that are dulling that shine, maybe it’s time to cut through those to allow new growth a chance to manifest. What do you value? Only you can answer that for yourself!

To see what area this is affecting you, you have to look at your birth chart. I recommend the Cosmic Insights app. (I am an affiliate, which means I would receive a small commission on any membership that funnels through my link. However, if you just want to look at your chart no membership is required.)

Suzan Smadi

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