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During the dream state, we are able to process a lot of information. Whenever our awakened conscious awareness takes a break is precisely when our Higher Self communicates with ease. Our inner world combines with the astral plane to allow us a chance for deeper understanding. The reason behind this process is simple. It is when we are the quietest that we can listen. Listening takes us into true understanding. Reflections bring us harmony within ourselves. 

The moon in essence is an outer body that reflects the light of the life-giving bright sun. As such, the moon is reflective by passively engaging with both the dark and the light aspects. She allows us to connect on a very deep level with our inner core. And, she does this by working together with the sun in a harmonious way. 

Moon is representative of our emotional body, which is symbolic for the vast ocean of our inner scope. Our emotions are in constant flux just like the ocean’s ebb and flow. Both our emotions and the moods that are indicated by those fluctuating emotions are very connected with the moon’s changeability and adaptability. The medicine that the moon provides us is one that if we delve into it, will bring us into more balance and wholeness. Once we are willing to work with the wisdom of the moon, then we can create a better experience for ourselves as well as for the collective. We must first be willing to work with our emotions!

Working with the moon and its symbolism means that we have to start noticing the messages that come through our dream state. How do we do that? There are ways to program our mind to let us be more active in the dream state. When we are active in the dream state, we arrive at lucid dreaming. However, lucid dreaming is only one benefit of our new ability to connect in the astral realm. Once we are attuned to lucid dream, our nightlife gets a whole lot more interesting. 

Our awareness increases when we engage in practices such as lucid dreaming. The point is not to have a new ability that we may not have noticed or honed in or before. The point is to increase our capacity to become more aware and work at increasing our consciousness. As we evolve and up-level our consciousness, we become more masterful at our life.

As our abilities awaken in the astral realm, we are able to engage more profoundly with our dreams. The dreamtime becomes richer and more meaningful once we are awakening our skills. As these skills are further developed, we become aware of deeply ingrained patterns within our psyche and within the collective. Dreams then take on a different meaning. Whereas once a dream may have been perceived as a premonition, now we become aware of the subtler nuances. 

Mastery means that you become enlightened. You become aware of your sovereignty and true power when you work on your self-mastery. What is enlightenment if not for you to shine the light of Divine Truth? That truth is dormant within the vast ocean of your emotional state. The dreamtime then becomes the vehicle for our enlightenment.

Strategies for developing dreamtime skills and reflective awareness:

  • Set intention to remember your dreams.
  • Set intention to work on being awakened in your dreams.
  • Set intention for achieving clarity through your dreams.
  • Remember that remembering may take time to master. Don’t get discouraged. Work on that muscle!
  • Once you awaken from sleep, remain in bed and hold on to that feeling state.
  • As you work through the feeling, the memory of the dream will get triggered. This helps you remember. So stay with the feeling.
  • Realize that your dream is all about YOU!
  • The people and all of the objects are different aspects of YOU.
  • People in the dream will begin to be very reflective of your inner aspects.
  • The saying, “the truth hurts” may be something proven to benefit if explored within the dream state. 
  • Keep a dream journal!!!

Remember that your dreams are the best way and sometimes the ONLY way that your guidance (Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels) can get a message across to you. Pay attention! Ask and it shall be given. Work with the moon’s reflections to guide you towards mastery and enlightenment. 

Have a reflective week!

Suzan Smadi ✨💖✨

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