The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter

The Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter in the same zodiacal sign happens every 20 years. What makes this conjunction different is that they are aligning in such a way to trigger a Planetary War. With every war there is a winner and loser unless they make a truce and instead of fighting, they work together.

The two elders of our cosmic family are in the same zodiacal sign and the same declination.  From our vantage point on Earth, we see them aligning and coming together to form One giant Bright Star (some call it the Christmas Star).  This event is considered “great” because it happens every 800 years. The two major players in the game of Karma/Life are going through this conjunction as part of their stage play. I believe that they will not fight; instead they will work together to bring about a great change. This can be seen by the fact that Saturn will add to the power of Jupiter to manifest the shift in consciousness.

“Ishvara resides in every mortal being and puts in motion, by his supernatural power, all things which mount on the wheel of time.” ~Bhagavad Gita XVIII.61

In astrology we use a lot of symbols and archetypes to understand ourselves better. We look up to the heavens in the sky in order to learn about our own roles, which we play when we take on a human form. Jyotish is the Science of Light. We study the play within the Cosmic Sphere in order to study our own consciousness and have a better and deeper understanding of our own psychology.


Jupiter is the planet that gives us expansion and brings us blessings of knowledge. It is called Brihaspati or Guru in Jyotish. Guru is a Sanskrit word that means remover of darkness, heavy, and enlightener or light giver. It goes by the name of Zeus, who is the ruler of the gods in Greek mythology. We know of him as the one who has the POWER of throwing down a thunderbolt in order to bring his rule. The thunderbolt could be a symbol for awakening, such is seen when we have an idea and perceive the thunderbolt of inspiration as striking. Awakening happens in our conscious awareness when we are struck by the knowledge and clarity of Guru-Jupiter. This energy is the inhalation of breath and inspiration that we can feel as expansion.

The creative genius comes to us through the energy of Jupiter as symbolized by his number 3 in numerology. The behavioral qualities that are tied with Jupiter are spiritual, counseling, friendly, self-centered, disciplined and benefic. As the Lord of Speech, he teaches us to watch our thoughts and mind our words. Yellow is the color associated with Jupiter because he is the giant self-illuminating planet that radiates more light energy than it receives from the Sun. The other color that goes well with the energy is orange since it is conducive to spiritual expansion and creativity.


“Saturn being the only half frank and sincere planet” ~H.P. Blavatsky

Saturn is the planet that gives us the rewards after the hard lessons have been achieved and surpassed. He is the hard-to-please professor that will fail us if we forget to cross a “t” or dot an “i.” He wants us to succeed and has the role of “tough love” parent. He is called Kronos in Greek myths and Rudra, a form of Śiva, in Hinduism. In Jyotish, Saturn goes by the name Śani, a short form of Shanaishchara, which describes his tamasic nature (inert, slow, cold and dry). His element is air and if one has this planetary energy in an inauspicious place, it will cause issues with the flow of wind gasses in the body (achy and cracking joints as an example).

Saturn holds the number 8 in numerology, which goes well with his role as ruler of Karma and holder of the title “Father Time” that I like to give him (since 8 is seen as the infinity symbol). The behavioral qualities attached to Saturn are wise, malefic, servant-like, service oriented, laborious, struggling, suffering, structured, meticulous, and dark. Black is the color associated with Saturn as well as grey and dark brown. This energy brings death as well as longevity (depending on where it sits in a chart and connections made).

The PERSEVERANCE of Saturn is such that no living Being can avoid its lessons. The beauty of Saturn is that he gives us a choice and is very just with the consequences of those choices. If we want to take the hard road, we will bear the suffering that choice produces. If we want to take the easier road then we must assimilate quicker based on the flow of energy; change with the tides of the wind and take the higher road available. Saturn wants us to do well and will always provide the fruits of our effort.


My Predictions:

As anyone with a conjunction in their Birth Chart (horoscope) can attest that this conjunction is not an easy one to live with. The constant tension of deciding what is right and wrong (conscience), doing the “right” thing for the situation, and persevering through the depths of the low emotional states and highest of faith-based perceptions is a true emotional rollercoaster. Speaking from experience, this tension creates hardships to be overcome, but it also provides with immense manifestation potential. Manifestation is the key here. We are manifesting much rapidly due to this conjunction because Jupiter gives us the opportunity while Saturn gives us the structure to birth that dream.

This Great Conjunction is also bringing us CLARITY from the delusions that we have been under. They are getting rid of the lies and corruption that we have been prey to for a long time. The Truth of Justice will prevail as these two planets choose to make a truce. The planetary war is ending with a truce between these POWERS. The Light will prevail and justice will be served.

On a personal level, we will notice that the choices that we have made based on fear and propaganda will end in hard lessons and hardships to be surpassed.  It will ultimately lead to the demise of the situation. If we have made our choices based on the purity of heart and our own divine truth then we will enjoy the fruits of our labor by being blessed by these two giant elders. These masters of Karma, Time, Education, Justice, Wisdom, and Truth will bring us the opportunity to reap the consequences of our personal choice.

On a collective level, the split in the idea of right or wrong will be experienced more profoundly in 2021. Self-righteousness will be prevalent everywhere. Moving forward, the clarity and Brightness will prevail as we create a better tomorrow. The ultimate outcome will be one of Peace, but it will come with time. The Peace will come after the darkness has washed away and we are left with the Light of Truth. Clarity is the outcome that we can see as we go into this new decade and further.

Last Remarks:

Be mindful of your own energy and pay close attention to the mirrors that you perceive yourself when you observe others. Relationships are our greatest teachers, as we have explored the relationship that these two players implement is one of Justice.

The point of Karma is to balance out the opposites and actually join the polar opposites together as we come into a holistic balance. Zen comes from the unity of opposites, when duality no longer has power. If a trigger comes up, take it as an opportunity to expand your awareness. Take the trigger and work through the wounds that it is touching within your psyche instead of blaming the “other” and take responsibility for your part of the dance. It takes two to dance the tango. There is no one to blame. There is only an opportunity for growth.

There is great potential to rise in consciousness. Choose to move forward in a lighter way as our Great Guru and Father Time shows us the way through their bright union – brighter than that of the North Star.

The Christmas Light can be seen tonight and for the following few nights in the sky. Enjoy the energies and don’t get sucked into the chaos of fear.  They are joining forces in UttaraAshada Nakshatra (lunar mansion), which brings later victory. The victory is promised. All that matters now is which road we choose to take, the bumpy intertwined and longer road or the easier straight up elevator ride.

May all experience the Greatness of Saturn and Jupiter as they join forces for the ultimate victory of Light! May the new Golden Age of Aquarius anchor the beauty of individuality within a cohesive collective. May ALL experience Peace.

Om Shanti Om

Suzan Smadi

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