How To Read Your Horoscope

The best way to read your horoscope is to read it based on your ascendant or rising sign. That’s why you must figure out your exact birth time. Let me break it down for the newbies reading this and hopefully give the more advanced readers some golden nuggets.

I suggest that you read Astrology Fusion: An Introduction and Astrology Fusion: The Holy Trinity because what I’ll be sharing here is based on the information already shared in those two articles.

Let’s get esoteric for a bit.

The sun sign: causal body

The Sun, which is what most people especially using Western Astrology seem to care about most, is actually the Soul’s pure expression. Therefore, esoterically speaking, the Sun is the Causal Body. What does that mean for us in human form? I’ll use me as an example. My Sun is in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Taurus. That means that the Soul Spark in its purest form will have the desire to provide value to people because as a Taurus Sun there is a karmic responsibility to be a resource to society.

Sun’s relationship with venus

In Jyotish (Sanskrit word meaning “Science of Light”), we learn that the energies of the Sun and Venus aren’t that compatible. Why? Because the Sun is the King – it is known as the Atma, which means the purest essence of the Soul before it takes on the differentiation of the Astral Body. Venus is not a friend to the Sun because Venus is the minister or advisor. The enmity here is mutual. Their energy is so incompatible that they just get in each other’s way. Their aims are in a sense comparable to day and night.

Venus in its purest form isn’t interested in taking the lead or protecting as the Sun does because Venus is a very different energy. Venus is concerned with making things harmonious. It is the Water element that likes to bind things – bring things together in cohesion. So, you have Venus as the teacher and guide of everyone in the kingdom. The Sun as King, just wants to be noble and honorably lead his kingdom the best way possible. He is self-sacrificing. (This is a hint for you reading this. Where you find your Sun is placed in your birth chart will give you a clue as to where you’ll be self-sacrificing for the greater good.) The Sun has enormous integrity in its purest form. He is intelligent and creative. In fact, the Sun is the CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE that runs within everything in creation. Whereas Venus’ ARTISTIC EXPRESSION intelligence is targeted more towards society, public opinion, and how to keep things diplomatic and peaceful. You can say that Venus is the diplomatic counsel, who wants to advise the King (Sun) on how to best appear in public – even if that means not being truthful to himself or his kingdom.


Venus likes poetry and art, which is highly subjective in most cases – but not always clear. Poetry is a beautiful art form. Poets like to find meaning where there is none – you could say that a poet likes to make things up or artistically portrays a specific picture to make people feel a certain way. A poet will paint a picture using the art of composing meaningful words as a way to express what he wants you to feel. Art is beautiful, but highly subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which means that so is art. That means that what you find beautiful is subjective to your own perception, which may be very different than my own. Our value systems are different based on our own experiences and perspectives. Remember that Venus is also concerned with what we individually find as worthwhile – our value system. And so Venus wants to make sure that we’re both hearing what we want to hear in most cases as a way to keep the Peace. Harmony and Peace are the themes of Venus as the Venusian energy is about love, beauty, grace, and comfort. In its highest expression, Venus heals through the power of love.


The Sun is considered a cruel planet in Vedic Astrology because its energy is not about pleasing people (unless it is being influenced by the minister Venus). The Sun gets influenced by being with Venus or aspected by Venus or in the signs of Venus. Taurus and Libra are the signs ruled by Venus. The Sun will be more dignified in its own sign of Leo or Aries where it is exalted, giving it great power to be himself and lead his kingdom as he sees fit – and not influenced by Venus, which will want him to compromise and have social grace. The Sun’s cruelty is experienced by the sheer brightness and the heat that it projects. Keep in mind that the Sun’s fire will burn things that get too close and will roast a piece of meat that’s left exposed outside too long.


To experience the Sun’s cruelty, just sit outside on a hot summer’s day around 2 pm with your skin exposed. I tried this when I was just a kid because I’ve always liked experimenting and paying attention to the results. After 15 minutes (30 tops) you’ll start to see your skin turn purplish due to the strong UV light that gets emitted by the Sun and absorbed by the skin. You’ll also feel the skin start to burn and will naturally seek comfort of some shade. That’s when you’ll be seeking the comfort of Venus!

multidimensional layers of astrology

Remember that each planet has its own influence and dignity. DIGNITY IS VERY IMPORTANT in order to know what fruits will be given by the planet. What effects will be produced by the planet is known mostly by the planet’s dignity. The influences will definitely also have a say in how the planet will behave. That’s why astrology is multifaceted and multidimensional. An astrologer is like an accountant because you have to weigh everything and keep in mind the percentages of how everything is relating to everything else in the chart. The planets are the energies that are working behind the scenes within your consciousness. The planets are the conscious forces at play in the matrix that make up your awareness.

the moon sign: astral body

The Moon is more personal than the Sun. Esoterically speaking the Moon is the Astral Body. What you find more appealing – your likes and desires – will be seen by the Moon’s placement. The Soul gets expressed through the vehicle of the Moon. The Moon is the reflection of the light of the Sun. That is why the Moon is known as the Manas, which means loosely the Mind. The mind is very complicated to really understand. Although many believe to understand what the mind is, the true potency and power is quite often overlooked. The Mind in its entirety is what we as a human race are in the midst of trying to understand and perfect throughout this cycle. It is the playing ground of everything that gets experienced. It holds our perceptions through the individual experience of the sense organs. Everything gets filtered by the Moon (Mind) and so it’s due to the Moon that we differentiate into the individual sense of I and mine. The Moon is a social planet, but it likes to be its own reflective essence amongst the group of other reflections. It is known as a luminary next to the Sun. Both the Sun and Moon are what create our individualized experience and expression of the ultimate Soul. The combination of these two luminaries is what makes up our inner vision through the Ajna (the Third Eye or Pituitary Gland – I’ll write more about this later.)

Basically the Moon will show what you find comfort in and what you find most familiar in life since it’s likened to being the emotional body. That’s what we can say the Astral Body is – The “Individualized” Mind – the emotional and spiritual body. It is the vehicle for the Soul to express itself in a human form. Without the reflective Mind, we can’t take on a physical body. The Mind has a lot to do with our Karma and what our psychology is throughout the lifetime. The Sacred Connections are all experienced through the Mind.

The Moon is one of the most important aspects of our consciousness since it is the sense of “I” that’s different from anyone else. It is the aspect of the Mind that makes us FEEL separate from everyone else. It makes up our Ego consciousness, whereas the Sun is our true EGO or rather true essence. The Moon is your ego’s personality based on past karma and samskaras. Samskaras are the imprints of the Mind – the psychological impressions that are stored, the memories of past impressions. The Mind is what contains all of these things that make us the individual as opposed to the true essence of Pure Spirit. Read Moon Reflections Dreaming UP Solutions for more information.

rising sign: physical body

Now we get to the beginning. We take on a form to live out our experience based on the combination of our Astral Body and Causal Body. The Ascendant is the Physical Body – the Human Form. The Sun’s true essence and the Moon’s emotional sense need to embody a physical form in order to live out another experience in the Earth plane. From the subtle that holds the most power we get to the densest gross material expression. The Ascendant is the exact moment where you as a physical body takes on the ability to have an experience that is separate from the parents that created you. Once you take your first breath outside of your mother’s womb, you are a true individual in a human body.

rising sign is more precisely concrete

After reading your horoscope based on your Rising sign, read it based on the Moon sign and then followed by the Sun’s sign. The things that will be experienced in life will be based on the Rising sign since it is that point in time and space that a body takes life. It is the most concrete of the three bodies that make up a Human experiencing a different life from all the others.

  • The Rising sign changes every two hours.
  • The Moon sign changes every two and a half days – and more precisely it spends a day in each lunar constellation. In Jyotish, we use the 27 Nakshatras, which gives a lot more clarity in the subtle nuances that the Moon (and other heavenly bodies) will exhibit and experience.
  • The Sun changes signs every 30 days.

So, as you can see it’s more important to read your horoscope based on your Ascendant/Rising sign since it is that sign that will best match your every day experience and path. The sign that’s rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth sets your path in life.

As an example, my rising sign is Cancer. That means that the dispositor of my rising sign is none other than the Moon. Since the Moon is the ruler of my chart, it will obviously hold more weight in my personal makeup and make me “extra” emotional, and someone who is highly intuitive. That’s true. I’ve lived my life experiencing the depths of emotions – the high highs and low lows – just like the waxing and waning of the Moon. That’s a big part of my personal makeup. Adding to that the dignity of the Moon and the sacred connections that the Moon is making in my chart and then you’ll see the whole picture. I’m mentioning this because that’s the way you should start to read your own chart.

Look at your chart. Which planet rules it? What’s the dignity of that planet? Where is that planet located? Look at the Sacred Connections that planet is making in your chart. Is it joining any other planet? What about the aspects? The Moon is one that will be colored by the planets that influence it and the brightness of the Moon also holds weight in its functioning. If it’s a dark Moon by being closer to the Sun as in the waning or New Moon phase, it will tend to function less promoting of growth. If the Moon is Full or in the waxing phase (the brighter the stronger) then it will promote growth. Look at where Cancer is since that’s the Moon’s sign and see if there’s any planet in that sign because the Moon will have a strong influence in how that planet acts.

Remember that all of the planets are the energies that build your awareness and have an influence on your actions. That’s why in Sanskrit they are called Grahas, which means seizer or to grasp – as in the energy of those heavenly bodies have a grasp on your actions until you wake up to that fact and make a different choice.

Once you awaken to how this all plays out – how you are playing out a role based on the energetic influences in the cosmos – then you enlighten yourself as to have true free will. Then you can exercise your power to choose how you will act and not be a passenger or an extra in your own movie. Then you can actually be the Star of your own movie as you will be creating it with clarity and self-effort. The best thing to do in this world is to “know thyself” so you can liberate yourself from the karmic wheel of perpetual suffering.

Hubble Sees Galaxy Hiding in the Night Sky by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

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